Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good Morning, and Good Luck: Requiem

Two days in and so far the viewer comments on ABCNews.com's GMA page seem to show a glaring lack of support for George Stephanopoulos (whom I've always liked, just not as the host of a morning show) and quite a bit of bewilderment over why Chris Cuomo didn't get the fulltime anchor gig.

In the immortal words of the Hives, hate to say I told you so.

(Update: Looks like the ratings didn't exactly play out in Stephanopoulos's favor either.)


Jester said...

Isn't 20/20 the better gig for Cuomo, though? Of the two jobs, it's certainly the job I'd take.

But obviously, I am not an expert in the industry.

Chez said...

I actually think 20/20 is a good gig. But I hit on what bothers me about the entire move in the original piece I wrote -- namely that giving Cuomo the job shows that you're rewarding somebody who's already familiar to your audience and who's been a workhorse for you. Also stretching GS thin on his political duties -- where he really excels -- or putting him a position to abandon them altogether is a mistake.

Jester said...

That's the thing, though. Maybe they offered Cuomo either 20/20 or GMA. Maybe they offered him GMA and he turned it down.

So far as I'm aware, we don't know.

I completely agree that fluffing up GS is a bad call. But we don't know what other choices ABC had for the position or who they offered it to.