Thursday, December 31, 2009

Delays, Delays

I had originally intended to republish the top Deus Ex Malcontent post of 2009 today, but as it turns out I'm going to put it off for a day (even though doing so kind of violates my policy of only looking forward once 2010 begins).

The reason is that I'm writing a new introduction for it and I just won't have time to finish it today.

I'm sure you nice folks can understand. By all means, be here tomorrow for the final tip of the hat (and flip of the bird) to 2009, now with a tiny drop of Retsyn.

(Update: Did I say Friday? I meant Saturday. Sorry, gang.)


Anonymous said...

Retsyn! Hahaha havent heard that one in a long long time!

Happy New year, Chez.

Capt Aclow said...

Ugh, if I were you I'd put if off 'til the second, I've got a phone conference scheduled at noon today for something that no on probably worked on very hard this week and that could/should have been put off until next week easily.

Now I'm scrambling to get things done with the family home when there are good times to be had here.

Psychological breaks... They're not just for the schizophrenic.

Lily said...

Happy New Year, Chez. May 2010 be a whole lot better for all of us.

stipe42 said...

I had a math professor tell me the secret to meeting deadlines once: "remember, if you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute."

CNNfan said...

That's what you get for making readers like me wait to be in the top 30 of 3000!

Sounds like maybe you should've asked for a few opionions from readers you don't trust.

The sure fire cure for writer's block is to make a video. Just press record and act naturally.