Monday, December 07, 2009

Crap Shoot

If you were one of those people who enjoyed it when the auto-complete algorithm at Google search first started finishing the sentence "I am" with "Extremely Terrified of Chinese People" a few months back -- as in, type in "I am" and the first suggested search you get is "I am Extremely Terrified of Chinese People" -- you're gonna love this.

The folks over at Failblog have apparently gotten their readers to Google bomb the search engine with a new specific phrase, so now whenever you type in the words "Why won't," the very first auto-completed sentence (and potential search) that pops up is "Why Won't My Parakeet Eat My Diarrhea?"

This is pretty entertaining. You know what's even more entertaining, though? The fact that in screen grab above, it sort of looks like the Google logo shows a little girl saluting a giant brown penis.


Matt Osborne said...

Google has a built-in randomness to it that I hope never goes away.

jeff said...

"why won't my parakeet ear my diarrhea" - kinda funny

"why won't he marry me" - kinda sad

Alanna said...


Cheryl Robbins said...

Ah, yes... Heart that one!

I found this one and submitted it to digg, but sadly, didn't get any noise on it.

Google - what are

trish said...

I for one welcome our new cock overlords.

Tabitha said...

"why does" brings some good ones too, (why does my vag smell)....ew.

Jadine said...

I tried 'how come" and two of the results were-"how come michael jackson is white" and "how come i can't get a girlfriend". I love Google.

Gidg' said...

I just screencapped a Google auto-complete not too long ago: I started with "What to do when ..."
Google suggested "a guy fingers you."
Thanks Google, that answered my second question!