Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming Distractions

A little housekeeping note from Malcontent Central: While it's certainly been slow around here over the past week or so because of certain people being really sick -- and by that I mean my daughter and myself -- I figured I'd let everyone know that the Deus Ex Malcontent year-end wrap up festivities begin in earnest next week.

On the Listening Post front, starting this Sunday we'll be counting down the 20 best singles of the year.

Then next Thursday, on Christmas Eve, we'll kick-off a review of the 29 best and most popular DXM posts of 2009.

And next Saturday, December 26th, it's the moment you've all been waiting for (not really):

Year of the Suck: The 10 Most Painful, Shameful or Otherwise Awful People and Events of 2009

It'll be like the Michael Bay movie of sucking, except that Michael Bay's movies already suck so hard.


Alanna said...

I seriously anticipate the "top 10 singles of 2009" write up. From what I have read thurs far - you provide your readers with a cornucopia of musical delicacies to chose from. You're like a listening post Perkins restaurant manager. The dish selections may not be new or fresh - some may even a gelatinous film in which you must scrape off - but they sure are tasty in an offbeat way (no pun intended), especially when hungover or otherwise looking for aural nourishment.

Chez said...

Wow, that's, uh, descriptive.

Yes, and like an employee of Perkins restaurant, I'm also fucking Tiger Woods.

Alanna said...

Pics or it didn't happen.

Perhaps I'll cut the verbose description and say: I look fwd to your music review.

Chez said...

I'll be on Larry King talking about Tiger's schvantz tonight. Now where's my hundred grand?

Alanna said...

schvantz? oh you are definitely in Southern Florida. Where's the menorah hanging?

I actually do seriously hope a man comes forth and declares that, he too, engaged in sexting + raunchy anal w/ TW.

Chez said...

Schvantz is just a fun word. Less formal than cock.