Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Biggest Losers

You knew this was coming: The Comcast-NBC Universal buyout is a done deal, at least insofar as all the parties involved have come to an agreement on the figures.

Now the only thing that can possibly stand in the way is the government -- and you, the people who'll be the most negatively affected by this sale.

A few days ago, I called the resulting Comcast-NBCU behemoth the Goldman Sachs of media companies. Josh Silver of Free Press is echoing that sentiment.

The Huffington Post: "The Mega-Media Era Begins" by Josh Silver/12.1.09


Anonymous said...

And they're putting Jeff Zucker in charge of this behemoth? Because things have been going so well at NBC? Oy.

Chez said...

It's not about quality -- it's about cross-pollination and corporate synergy across all platforms and entities, and Zucker not only does that well, he also manages to do it while maintaining the illusion that he actually gives a shit about things like quality and integrity.

Bill White said...

Sorry Chez, it's free markets and the American way. If someone wanted to buy me out, I would have no problem with telling my workers that they either have to play with the new big boys who worked hard to buy my company or go out on the streets and not claim unemployment for God's sake. Why the class envy, Chez?
Look at me:
-I work hard.
-I don't use insurance.
-I'm fat with a few teeth left.
-I'm typing to you from my run-down shed that's in the middle of my mildew/moss covered, weed-infested backyard in Mississippi.
-I wrap my knees in duct tape.
-My boys are still living with me.
-My wife is started to smell like tuna and that's without cooking anything.

You know something? I'm not asking for a handout. I chose this path and I'm sticking with it. Those big boys on Wall Street and those guys who oversee left-wing liberal NBC worked hard to get where they are at. Maybe they'll stop NBC from being so far left. That Brian Williams is a total Communist the way he treated GW Bush after Hurricane Katrina -- which by the way we recovered from because we pulled ourselves up by the jockstraps and got to work.

God Bless big corporate mergers. I hope that Walmart takes over all drug and grocery stores. They'll keep my price$ nice and low.

Merry Christmas,
Love, Bill