Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why The Daily Show is Doing Some of the Best Journalism on TV: Reason #113

(Update: Cesca makes a great point. If CBS had pulled this shit, heads would be rolling right now. Seriously, just imagine the outrage.)


Matt Osborne said...

Jon Stewart is the most trusted news source in America...and he finds that as horrifying as you do.

Bill White said...

This is just the rantings of a hot-headed secular progressive "funnyman" who has a bone to pick with a patriotic news network.

I bet if I studied the MSM networks, I can find them stringing footage together like this to make a conservative look bad. I'm sure the MSM did that quite a bit with GW Bush, his daddy, presidents Reagan, Ford and Nixon.

By the way, I went over to Sallie's Used Books the other day and I picked up this guy Bernie Goldberg's book on how the MSM treated him. I actually bought it for $1.50, brought it back to my shed and couldn't put it down. Here's this great Hebrew who worked for the far left Socialist media and he couldn't take it no longer. So, he wrote this thing in the newspaper about how Communist Dan Rather and CBS plotted to turn America into a pinko nation filled with Godless homosexuals. It was shocking!

Now, this hot-headed Stewart fella could learn a thing or two from his fellow Hebrew Goldberg. Stewart needs to go to a synagogue, find God and the strength to join the Hebrew army to destroy the Islamo-Fascists who want to take us over.

Again, mark my words: They want to kill us, you September 10th McFlys!

God Bless,
Bill White

Chez said...

Oh, Jesus. Bill's on Twitter.


Bill White said...

Thanks for following, Chez. I resisted until now. There's something very "light in the loafers" about something called "Twitter" and doing those "tweets." The whole Twitter thing must have come from Wiccan Pelosi's area out there on the Left Coast.
But, I need to push my crusade even harder now and if that means I have to do these tweets, then I guess, so be it.
God Bless and remember those who gave all on this Veteran's Day,