Monday, November 23, 2009

Waiting for Godumb

And the hits just keep on coming.


Ref said...

Jeebus, we're sure not going to be "exceptional" with doofuses like this having the right to vote. Was that Roethlisberger in his Stillers jacket after he got his bell rung?

VOTAR said...

That's it. Game over. I'm leaving.

SteveR said...

We need more Chase Whitesides.

(He's the interviewer, and he's terrific.)

Burns said...

When you're right, you don't have to compromise. Compromise is for people that are wrong. These people are obviously right, just ask them.

Jesus Horatio Christ, I think a small part of my brain died as I listened to the stuttering idiocy of some of those people. It's all well and good to have an interest in politics, but at least inform yourself of the issues. At least understand that sometimes it isn't "right vs. wrong", but is more likely to be "what consequences are we most willing to endure once we make our decision".

I could feel my brain trying to piss on my spinal cord as these ridiculous wooden-headed puppets literally reached out and grabbed whatever buzzwords they could find
to throw at the mic in front of their faces. Don't know what something means? That's alright, it sounded good when you didn't understand it the first time, just keep repeating it until they smile, nod and back away.

Democracy is a great form of government except for one small problem - it doesn't account for idiots.

Chez said...

I've seen this clip posted on about six different sites today -- not just on "liberal" blogs but within the mainstream, centrist media. I'm honestly hoping it circulates far and wide. It won't change the "minds" of the Palinites, but given that the interviewer is as calm and respectful as he is, I'm hoping that this steels the resolve of those who are either on the fence or who already realize what a pathetic national shame this woman and her popularity with a certain segment of America is.

Anonymous said...


NinjaMom said...

Holy crap. They don't actually know wtf they're talking about. I love the thinly veiled racist comments of taking care of Americans and not the "other people". Nice.

You can't discuss things with people who watch Fox News. I've tried with my in-laws. They talk about their civil liberties being taken away and I say something like "oh, like how George W Bush bypassed court rulings to put anyone he damn well wanted to under surveillance without a court order?"
Bitch, please.

Bush and his cabinet ass raped the constitution and I never hear conservatives bring that up.

Is this why conservatives are against sex ed? So stupid ppl keep on breeding?

I've really enjoyed living and raising a family in Virginia but I'm super fucking glad that I've kept my Canadian citizenship.

Southern Fried Fatty said...

My head is going to effing explode. These people can vote.

Tracer Bullet said...

Sarah Palin is a celebrity. Which would be fine if people didn't insist on pretending that she's a serious political thinker. Nobody takes Melanie Griffith's advice on foreign policy or health care.

And the rest of the world stopped thinking of America as the Exceptional Nation a looooong time ago.

marija said...

1) love it how the guy doing the interviews was able to keep a straight face.
2) too bad science is disregarded as a subject. Many people fail to learn the dire consequences of inbreeding.
3) fox news has a lot to answer to.

Vermillion said...

Two things:

1) It is safe to assume that one chick borrowed that Lord of The Rings jacket? Because I just don't see it. The connection just isn't there for me.

2) Okay that one dude in the Steelers jacket has just got to be mentally handicapped. Or drunk. No way he is of sound mind there.

Paul said...

Estragon: "Nothing to be done."
Vladimir: "I'm beginning to come round to that opinion."

- Samuel Beckett, "Waiting for Godot"