Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

Ten years ago today, depending on your perspective:

Either the Child foretold of by the ancient prophecies -- the heir to the throne of Moses, King David and Jesus, who had spent days at sea being cared for by a reverent school of dolphin personally dispatched by God -- arrived on our shores to bring hope to an enslaved people.

Or Miami just completely lost its mind and began the swift and very public descent into full-blown Lovecraftian madness.

I swear, I'm still suffering from PTSD over the Elian Gonzalez saga.

When I hear this kid's name it's like a Vietnam vet hearing choppers.

The Miami Herald: Uncle Keeps Elian's Memory Alive, 10 Years Later/11.25.09

(The real gold of the story is in the comments section. Enjoy.)


Izar Talon said...

Nyarlathotep's hand (tentacle?) was indeed clearly evident in that display of insanity.

Anne said...


I live in FL, and remember this nightmare all too well. I thought at the time how did so many people of working age have the time to continuously make fools of themselves? Remember the one sane woman who was slapped for carrying a sign supporting the father's right to the child? To me, this started the loosening of the Miami Cuban's political community's tight grip on the politicians in FL. This community bascially called the shots in the Republican party, Republicans bowed and scraped to them the way they are doing now to Limbaugh, Beck, etc. I was outraged at how the participants in this crazy saga thumbed their noses at the law. It should have never taken armed guards to get this kid in the middle of the night. After this, I am sure a lot of Floridans were amazed at how long the Republican Party was held hostage by the Miami crowd. I'm with you, hearing the kid's name does not bring any pleasant memories.

Stephen said...

Part of me wonders how this would have played out on Que Pasa, USA?