Monday, November 23, 2009


Remember that video from last year that showed the reaction of a roomful of David Archuleta's rabid 'tween fans as their hopes and dreams were smashed by the news that their prepubescent crush had just lost American Idol?

Well this is almost as funny as that.

Funny or Die: Twilight Fans Get Punked by "Vampire Intervention"


Fred said...


Heather said...

Thanks for that! Just cleared up the irritation from the drive in to work. Amazing stuff.

Thomas said...

Well, two things come to mind.

1) I'm seriously impressed at the restraint the Twilight fans possessed. Had I been ganked like that at a "premiere" of Lord of the Rings, I'd have attacked that douchebag, like, immediately. I'd have ripped his fucking head off and bathed in his blood.

2) Stupidest people on Earth? Really? Skyler sets his sights too low. One only needs to see those freaks waiting in the rain and the cold outside a multitude of Big Box Book Stores to see Palin's fans to automatically override that judgement. Skyler's pretty funny, but I think he would have done a better job luring Palin fans to a theatre with hopes of a secret chat with the Wasilla Queen herself, and then do an intervention then. Why he chose not to is probably 'cos they really WOULD have killed him.