Friday, November 27, 2009

Listening Post

Since I already brought up the subject of silly Veganism once this week, let's play a little Moby. As much as he seems at first glance to be the easiest human being in the world to make fun of -- I said seems, not is -- the man continues to make really interesting music. I was admittedly ready to give up on him when it looked like, after the brilliant Play, he was beginning to do nothing more than rehash his own work -- but then came this year's Wait for Me, which was very, very good.

And now he's released a deluxe edition of that album with new music and a second disc comprised entirely of gorgeous ambient mixes of the songs on Wait for Me. (I've already downloaded all of disc 2 seeing as how I'm an absolute fiend for Moby's ambient material.)

Here's one of the new tracks, though. It's One Time We Lived.

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