Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Headline of the Week (Honorable Mention)

The Daily Beast: Paula Deen Okay After Taking Ham to Face/11.24.09


Hex said...

Mama Cass not so fortunate. Film at 11.

kanye said...

And after Pauladeen tooketh Ham to her face, she tooketh Shem on the chin and Japheth squareth in the eye.

And Noah's heart was heavy, and Noah sighed.

And Noah gathered his boatbuilding tools.

And Noah stood before the people and spake, "Best get to ark-buildin', you heathens...I know me a great flood when I seeth me one."

And the people of Foodnetworkalon mocked Noah and said, "Speaketh not to us of labor and toil; We hear you not, old fool."

And the people of Foodnetworkalon bukkaked Pauladeen, and ate foods of the deep fryer.

And Pauladeen accepted their offerings, and smiled. And dripped.

And gurgled.

And Noah poured himself a drink.

And the Lord vomited.

--Genesis:The Untold Story

VOTAR said...

**...takes clown hat off of head, gives it reverently to kanye...**

Sir, I am not worthy.

Vermillion said...

And gurgled.

I will never sleep again.

Ref said...

Would that it were a salami...

kanye said...

Can't sleep, Vermillion? Try repeating this: Gurgle, Gurgle said the turkey, soon will be Thanksgiving Day...

So much for Thursday. :)

Votar...thanks, man.