Monday, November 09, 2009

Grateful, Dead Star

I just wanted to take a second to express a little gratitude to everyone who heeded the call last week to pick up a copy of my book, Dead Star Twilight.

Thanks to so many of you, sales did indeed spike and the new figures will be used by my agent to hopefully bring some recognition from publishers -- including a potential prequel deal -- in this direction.

Obviously, if you haven't yet bought the book, all you have to do is click here and follow the instructions to have a PDF copy immediately downloaded to you. You can begin reading it tonight on your computer, you can print it out, carry it around on your iPod, whatever. Any bit helps at this point, and as always to those of you who've not just bought the book but have responded so favorably, a very big and heartfelt thank you.

Excerpts from Dead Star Twilight:

No Place Like Home/9.29.08

Ship of Fools/2.22.08

Welcome to the Monkey House/6.4.07

The Ex Files/6.7.07

Imperfect Strangers/8.30.07

With Love and Resentment, Your Past/9.5.07

Listening Post: Memoir Edition/1.27.08

DST Soundtrack/4.7.08


CNNfan said...

It is really, really... Really hard to go to the wake of a young family member, lost to a heroin overdose. It can happen unexpectedly to any family, because it is hidden until it is too late.

I can't bring myself to read your book just yet, but I am glad you were lucky enough to survive it, and write a book about it, to help others.

Your agent should recognize that your book does save lives every-time it defuses the ticking time bomb, which is exactly what heroin is. Publishing your book will save even more lives.

Chez said...

I think that's a little extreme, Tom -- but thank you for the support. It's certainly appreciated.