Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going Rogue Insane

The great quotes keep piling up this week, but here's another contender for the Quote of the Week top spot to throw into the mix.

From conservative radio host John Ziegler's review of the Sarah Palin memoir in Mediaite:

"This is by far the best book and greatest literary achievement by a political figure in my lifetime."

By the way, yes, he's serious. And no, as far as I know he isn't mentally retarded.

You really have to read the rest of Ziegler's review; it's the most detached-from-reality thing you'll subject yourself to all day. Seriously, you'll start questioning whether somebody dosed your coffee.

Mediaite: Going Rogue Review by John Ziegler/11.17.09


Anonymous said...

He is SO hitting that poontang. Or looking to...

Jeremy Feist said...

I love the part where he says that she resigned her position as governor because "a bunch of losers" were scrutinizing her too heavily. Really? You have people calling Obama a commie-socialist-anti-christ for God's sake, and she couldn't even handle, what, a Tina Fey impression? But whatever, the firs draft was probably written in crayon with smiley faces dotting the i's. Making fun of this book is like fishing with dynamite in a barrel.

Michael J. West said...

I was skeptical that I would enjoy the review as much as you said...but then I read it.

My favorite part: that Palin was "forced to resign from the governorship of the state she loves because a bunch of losers made it impossible for her to do her job productively."

Doesn't even need any commentary, does it?

Bill White said...

Miss Sarah is the daughter I never had.

Let me explain this: the MSM and the far left in gov't hounded Sarah the minute she got into politics. Nothing was found. There was no wrongdoing. The Palins are clean as a whistle.

Now why were these lefties doing this? Because she's a beautiful conservative woman-pure and simple. Just look at that cover of Newsweek. It's sexist and disgusting. There's such a left-wing bias in the media and our current gov't will stoop to any level to bring her down.

But guess what? Sarah's winning. The Real America loves her. She can overcome lefty Oprah and that pig of a woman Miss Couric. She can fight Barney Frank, Keith Olbermann and Chavez-Lover Oliver Stone to the death.

You lefties just hate Sarah, GW Bush, Richard Cheney and Cliff from "Cheers." When y'all extract that deep hate for those who love God, country and our military, then you will see that Sarah is a beautiful intelligent woman with deep convictions.

Riles said...

Ziegler used to be on the radio here in LA. The guy is a borderline stalker. He is obsessed with not only Palin, but Tiger Woods. This is his shrine to Tiger, called the "First Church of Tiger Woods":

He's also obsessed with the other radio show hosts on his former channel, which he feels got him fired. He erected another cheesy website to hurl accusations at them, but it's down right now.

Anyway, dude is a nut.

Tracer Bullet said...

I got as far as the part when he said nobody had uncovered any substantive inaccuracies in the book. C'mon, man. We're all guilty of overlooking or dismissing the faults of our heroes, but goddamn.

J. Dack said...

His editors probably made him take out the part of the review where he describes how nice the materials they made the cover out of are, because it cleaned up so well after he was done spooging on the picture.

ntx said...

This comment below the review made my day!

The_Klute says:
November 17, 2009 at 8:01 pm

Wow, I’m impressed. It must be difficult to write a whole book review with just one hand.

Le Penseur said...

One can only imagine how much jism is going to be unloaded on that Newsweek magazine cover.

Benoît from Ottawa said...

@ Anonymous 9:15: Did you see this comment after said article?

"The_Klute says:
Wow, I’m impressed. It must be difficult to write a whole book review with just one hand."

Benoît from Ottawa said...

@ Bill White: No-one hates Sarah Palin. They're simply laughing at her because she over-reaches so much and makes mistakes. She's sort of a cutie, and sure has a bright personality, but she is not very intelligent and would be an incompetent president. She should be on American t.v. as a talking head, on a not-too-demanding show.

The left does not hate her. Hate is what SOME extreme-Right people feel about Obama. Very different.

"The thief thinks everyone is trying to rob him..."

Deacon Blue said...

Bill, um, you know, one God-fearin' guy to another: I think you've mentioned a certain affection for Sarah if, say, your beloved Delores was to be crushed tragically under a John Deere or something (that is, of course, if Ann Coulter wouldn't have you). And now Sarah is the "daughter you never had."

You might want to pick one or the other. Because both images together are kind of creepy. Remember, baby Jesus is watching.

How's the transmission on your F-150 holding up after the repair, by the way? Oh, and let Kyle know that his autographed photo of Michelle Malkin is in the mail.

Sheriff Bart said...

Benoit, Bill. I hate Sarah Palin.

Also, Bill continues to be my hero.

Anonymous said...

"in his lifetime.." Mr Ziegler must be very young and have a terminal illness.

Stranded In Colorado said...

How do you spell "Cum Dumpster?"