Sunday, November 15, 2009

Everybody Hates Chez

Just a few of the more entertaining responses to my Sharon Osbourne vs. Susan Boyle piece, "The Ugly Truth," from over at the Huffington Post:

"Mr. Pazienza, just because you find a woman not to your sexual standards, really does not justify calling her "ugly" or really unattractive. Would you be so cavalier were those standards applied to your mother or sisters or some woman whom you care about? Everyone has an opinion, but that does not excuse lowering everything to acts of berating others. I do not condone your idea of "Truth" and I call it ugly."

-- Milinda

"Regardless of (Susan Boyle's) appearance, she's a lovely woman... People who pick on her about her not looking like some plastic surgeon's creation are only showing their own ugliness. As for people who say they think she's attractive being 'enlightened beings above petty prejudice'...well this article was both petty and prejudiced."

-- sallythewerewolf (I'll give you a minute to stop laughing at the name.)

"Boyle's attractiveness is no more or less than millions upon millions of other people who inhabit the earth and definitely no less attractive than paziena [sic] himself. she certainly has much more talent than he does."

-- respectingothers (whose icon, by the way, is a picture of Garfield)

"You don't understand the reason behind all the rage against Sharon Osbourne. Susan Boyle has a disability!!! She's been mocked and bullied all of her life... Sorry, Sharon will NEVER be forgiven by a lot of people."

-- LoveLelique

"Whatever your name is, Chez?, you can't speak for me and my response when Ms. Boyle walked out on the stage! Don't even try going there. I was watching Ms. Boyle's facial expressions and thinking how sweet she looked. And I cheered her on. I knew that it had been set up by the producers, especially after Simon "winced" when he saw her. What'shisname rolled his eyes. At that moment I knew 1. It was a setup 2. She was going to knock our socks off! I wish her all of the success she so richly deserves. I wonder if eventually Ms. Boyle will be able to buy and sell Mr. Chez? I think so! You go, woman, you go!"

-- PatA

"So by your logic, people are pre-ordering Susan Boyle's CD in nearly unprecedented numbers because we feel sorry for her and that makes us feel better about ourselves. It has nothing to do with her singing ability and the feeling it evokes in her listeners... Please, don't insult our intelligence. You still have a lot to learn about life."

-- fepgam

(Author's Note:Dear fepgam, No, people are pre-ordering her CD because, as I said, she has a very good voice. Plus, you don't have to look at her while listening to it.)

Here's someone who doesn't realize that she's ironically doing the same thing she accuses me of (poor Bela):

"Susan Boyle is not Angelina Jolie, nor is she Bela Abzug."

-- Singermuse

And my personal favorite:

"Why would you even WRITE a blog like this, discussing (and affirming) someone else's lack of visual appeal? Ugliness is on the inside, not the outside. I met someone, once, a neighbor, with a screeching voice I could only compare to nails on a chalkboard. One of the nicest people I ever met. But for the first few weeks, I could barely stand to be in a room with her. For very long. After a while I didn't even notice her voice anymore. Her kind and beautiful spirit erased my reaction, it simply was gone. Her beauty, like Susan Boyle's, is on the inside. I wonder about your inner looks, that you would decide to pen a column like this. You can't even pretend to see past, apparently, the outermost layer."

-- wadenelson1 (whose icon can be seen at right)

But as usual, there are one or two people who get it:

"You know, I agree wholeheartedly with the author of this article. Most of the comments on this thread just prove the point that he is making. We live in possibly THE most looks-obsessed society on EARTH and here we all are pretending that the reason for this is the Sharon Osbournes of the world and DEFINITELY NOT ANY OF US! We you see, unlike Sharon, never judge other people by their looks, RIGHT?!!! In case you missed it, the author is saying that the magnitude of the vitriol spewed at Sharon Osbourne for saying what we were all thinking when Susan Boyle first walked out on to that BGT stage is in direct proportion to our hypocrisy. Sorry but Susan Boyle would be just another pretty girl with a good voice if she hadn't so not looked the way that voice sounded. Some patronising people are saying that we can't say she is not attractive in the way that our society values most because she is disabled. I think that's just as insulting as saying she can't be really hot because she's disabled! I'm in no way defending Sharon Osbourne's choice of words or the ridiculous obsession with physical attractiveness that exists in our society so that we are collectively shocked when Susan Boyle sings. It is wrong to judge people based on anything other than their character, but it is who we are. If we don't like it, we should revisit our social values."

-- BeFairNow


Benoît from Ottawa said...

Off topic entirely from this tempest in a Chez pot. (It seems that political correctness has been here soooooo long that some people don't even see it anymore. But here I am on topic. Sheesh.)

Here, C., you may be aware of the subject matter as it's two years old, apparently. I think you may get as much of a draught (draft?) reading the rest of the column.

(A link to this item showed up on a blog associated with Canada's new music webbything, Radio 3 --

Anonymous said...

i'm reminded of Jim Nabors. voice and face don't match.

Benoît from Ottawa said...

Just having fun here:

"Mr. Pazienza, just because you find a woman not to your sexual standards, really does not justify calling her "ugly" or really unattractive."

However, just because it doesn't come up to my value standards, I'm entitled to call your idea of the truth "ugly".
(My rewrite of "I do not condone your idea of "Truth" and I call it ugly.")

A lot of people could use a class of Philosophy 101 to acquaint themselves with Aristotelian Logic, a.k.a. standard Western logic, also a.k.a. "thinking straight".

Ref said...

Uhhhh. Her voice isn't really all that great. Good, yes, but every town of reasonable size has a couple of equally lovely voices. This is all about a well-marketed Cinderella story.

Vermillion said...

Physical appearances are pretty much the first impression anyone gets. SO to pretend like they don't matter is absurd. But that isn't what gets me the most about this crap.

It is interesting: about a year or two ago, there was this guy, a cell phone salesman, who went on the same show. He wasn't much of a looker either (he even had the stereotypical British dentistry), but he got up on that stage and belted out a piece of opera that made people fucking weep. He went on to win the whole competition, got a recording contract, and promptly disappeared from the public eye. I can't even think of the guy's name right now. All I remember is that voice, and how it came from such an unassuming form.

One thing I notice about all these responses is how they insist that Boyle is in some way attractive, only to bring up the singing as an afterthought.

That is the difference, folks. I hate to make it a gender thing, but it is. Men have long realized they can look like the bottom of God's shoe and still get laid (look at the targets of affection on any VH1 Celebreality show), as long as they have something else appealing about them. But women, damn, I mean a woman can have the voice of God and all any other woman would care about is how she looks. And yes, other women: you are the ones swallowing this bullshit and regurgitating it.

Sorry, I am still kinda half-asleep, but I hope I made some sort of point.

lakelady said...

I've stayed away from the net and tv more than usual this week so had no idea Sharon's comment had caused such an uproar. This morning I'm struck by the irony that the disparaging remarks came from a woman who underwent surgery for being overweight and has probably had a good deal of other plastic surgery along with strangely died hair.

Ethnic Redneck said...

Defending others who share a similarity with oneself in a vain attempt to protect one self's own ego isn't a compassionate act, it's just projection.

"She's unattractive, I'm unattractive, but if I stop people from calling her ugly, maybe they'll think I'm pretty."


Anonymous said...

The irony of Sharon's remarks is astounding. Photos of her before her "transformation" depict her to be very obese and quite unattractive; add to that her Minnie Mouse voice to complete the picture.

Of course she only need look around her own house to view some of the most unattractive folks on the planet with hardly any talent among them to continue the irony.

I felt sorry for her before her "transformation" in much the same way folks feel sorry for Susan.

However her ranking on Susan demonstrates that even though she's spent a pile of dough changing her outside appearance, she should spend another pile looking at why she finds it necessary to ridicule someone who is where she used to be and why she has learned nothing from her own experiences of being called fat and ugly.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

OMG! IS CSI-NY looking into the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Sharon Osbourne's hair?

Eric Burke said...

I don't hate you, Chez.

Bill White said...

Where I come from, that woman is beautiful. She also has good birthing hips -- ripe to make a big litter of gorgeous Mississippi babies.
God Bless and Amen,

kanye said...

Life would be so much simpler for Jimmy Page if only he'd drop this "Susan Boyle" persona and get back together with Robert Plant.

meierjr said...

you're right Kanye, she does look like Jimmy Page! LOL

Anonymous said...

Has Sharon Osbourne seen her daughter? Christ that hairy arsehole came from Sharon's hairy arsehole.

Artemisian said...

I lol'd at people's deliberate lack of understanding. Those of you who are insulting Sharon Osbourne are again missing the point. That point is that you're supposed to think Susan Boyle is unattractive, it's the sole reason she's finding success. Don't imagine yourself such shining examples of humanity because you can "rise above it" and conform to what society is currently saying is nice behaviour.

Sheriff Bart said...

I would fuck all of you before I would fuck Susan Boyle.
Just please don't sing to me while I'm doing it, OK?

Vermillion said...

@Bart: Oh come now. Who doesn't enjoy a little croon with their nookie? Hands?


You people suck.

CNNfan said...

Another NEW hit show
→ getting ratings again !

Chez's Got Talent

May I imply that...

• Everybody → Hates Chez.
Surprisingly is the opposite...
• Everybody → Rates Chez.

Anonymous said...

.....I'd hit it.

Tania said...

Well, yes, the whole point was the contrast between Boyle's plain looks and good voice. It was a setup, and the audience and public reaction was exactly as planned. If she was pretty, there'd be no real selling point and she'd still be languishing in obscurity. (Which by all accounts suits her personality better, as she seems to have had trouble with fame). Somebody is making a lot of money out of people's reluctance to be seen to be cruel in a PC world. She's not even that great a singer. I do feel for her, but it's nothing to do with her looks. She's being shamelessly used.

As for Sharon Osbourne, people (ok, probably women) in bars everywhere have said the same thing amongst their friends. Sharon merely had a wider audience.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

BTW, it's interesting that Sullivan pointed out the flip side to your whole point on this:

"Let's face it: if [Sarah] Palin looked like Golda Meir, there's no chance McCain would have picked her."

P.S. There's a smarmy Palin/Boyle/Levi Johnson joke in there somewhere, I'm just too lazy to look for it.