Monday, November 30, 2009

The Biggest Peacock on the Block

So it looks like the sale of NBC Universal to Comcast cable is now all but certain.

What this will do is create the largest, most vertically integrated, most powerful media company in the world -- one which stands unique in the business because it will be the first to control both content production and distribution on a massive scale. We're talking about the ability to dominate not just the film and television markets but internet service as well, which could put Comcast in the position of being able to do everything from price-gouge consumers, to restrict its wealth of NBC and Comcast programming -- Bravo, E!, SyFy, USA, Telemundo, MSNBC, etc. -- to actually force customers to buy specific services only offered by Comcast if they want access, either on TV or the net, to NBC programming and Universal films.

In other words, say hello to the Goldman Sachs of media companies. Comcast NBC Universal will own a stake in almost everything you see and hear.

Josh Silver of Free Press sums it all up perfectly:

The Huffington Post: "Too Big To Block" by Josh Silver/11.13.09 (Updated)


The Calico Cat said...

could put Comcast in the position of being able to do everything from price-gouge consumers

"Could?" They already do!

SteveR said...

I hope this leads to a massive unplugging movement.

Although ...
TV? Easy.
Internet? Not so easy.

graceamazes said...

Comcast is already expert in control and restriction of content. They own the Philadelphia Flyers, but Flyers' games cannot be seen anywhere else but on Comcast -- no broadcasting, no satellite, no other medium. At least not in the Philly area (the current headquarters of Comcast -- great way to support the community!).

And just a year or two ago, some judge decided that Comcast didn't have to share...

Who all was paid off to allow this merger?

Fungi said...

Comcast is holding NHL fans everywhere hostage. Comcast owns the "Vs." channel. They told DirecTv that there would be a rate increase for their customers if they want to watch NHL games on "Vs.". DirecTv told them that they would not raise their prices, so Comcast pulled "Vs." from them. So now, you can't watch the national broadcast of hockey games. I called DirecTv and told them that I wasn't happy, since I was a Center Ice subscriber. They took $50 off my season bill because of Comcast.

Anonymous said...

they not only have a congress-endorsed monopoly on broadcasting the philadelphia flyers and the 76ers (teams they own), but also the Phillies home and most away games.
being a tour de france fan(only on versus), i had to switch from the near-perfect HD service on directv, to comcast and its clunky hardware and pixilated high def signals.

Stephen said...

I for one welcome my new dark overlords.

...anyone need a house in north Jersey?