Tuesday, November 17, 2009

American Psychos

In the grand tradition of Mad Magazine's "Scenes We'd Like To See," comes a scene we wouldn't exactly like to see but one that we pretty much are seeing these days -- compliments of Matt Taibbi.

Here's his take on what a recent story in Bloomberg -- one in which Goldman spokesman Lucas van Praag laughed off Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein's statement that he was doing "God's work" -- may as well have been:

"Blankfein didn’t mean to be taken seriously when he said the bank was doing 'God’s work,' said the bank’s spokesman, Lucas van Praag.

It was 'obviously ironic, a throwaway response,' said van Pragg. 'Sort of like saying,
Life fucking rocks from up here, so suck on my yacht, when someone asks how you’re doing. Or stepping right on a homeless person’s crotch instead of stepping over or around him on your way to work.'

Van Pragg added that Blankfein’s comments were also 'like pouring battery acid on a sleeping harbor seal, or using an Indian slum child’s eyes for martini olives,' or like 'getting the mortgage department to do the wave during a foreclosure' and 'cheering and chest-bumping while two shivering AIDS patients are hauled out of their homes in blankets by sheriff’s deputies. Just an aside, you know, something you do.'"

Damn, I love Taibbi.

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