Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Is Recycling Day: "Thanks for Nothing, Droopy" Edition

Well, here's the least surprising news to come along in forever: Worthless, obstinate, self-obsessed turd Joe Lieberman is threatening to help torpedo the public option.

The Huffington Post: Lieberman Willing To Sink Health Care Bill with Public Option/10.27.09

And with that, let's bring back what I wrote about him last January -- when he came in at #7 on the list of the Ten Most Ridiculous, Shameful or Generally Unfortunate People and Events of 2008.

"7. Joe Lieberman

Title: Independent (as in, He Doesn't Have a Friend in the World) Senator from Connecticut, Political Opportunist, Embarrassing Jewish Stereotype, Guy You Never Want to Take Handicapping Advice From, Mr. Excitement

Big Pharm Recommended Treatment: Dexedrine, Pharmaceutical Cocaine

The Facts:
It takes a special kind of personality to go from being one party's candidate for vice president to being the go-to political hitman for the opposing party in the span of just eight years -- and that personality is, apparently, no personality at all. 2008 was the year that Joe Lieberman finally proved just how shamelessly and entirely he was willing to screw over those who'd spent a good portion of their careers supporting him. Like a desperate high school girl who flits from one clique to another sharing gossip in an effort to be liked, he'd spent years playing both sides of the fence and every conceivable angle hoping to stay one step ahead of political irrelevancy. But it wasn't until the last few months of last year's presidential race that the true evanescence of Lieberman's loyalty -- and therefore the general worthlessness of his friendship -- became clear to pretty much everyone. Old Droopy didn't just turn his back on the Democrats; he took center stage at the Republican National Convention. He didn't just support John McCain; he insinuated that Barack Obama might be a Marxist and, what's more, questioned his overall ability to lead (a somewhat laughable implication, considering the source). In the end, though, Lieberman's gambit didn't pay off -- so now, in wholly expected fashion, his one-time campaign battle cry, 'Joementum,' has taken on an entirely new meaning: 'Joe meant... um...'"

I'd really hoped Lieberman would slink back into his hole and stay there after being sufficiently throttled by history last November, but obviously no such luck.

What's worse, his arguments against the public option are entirely full of shit.

Just like him.


Deacon Blue said...

I'm beginning to despise Lieberman more than Bush and Cheney, I think. I respect wolves (even stupid ones) more than weasels.

Tracer Bullet said...

The only potential good that may come from all of this is that Obama will, belatedly, learn the lesson of Shaka Zulu: Never leave an enemy alive.

Sr. Wrangler said...

He is an improbable cross between Emperor Palpatine and Grima Wormtongue.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Deacon Blue! Epic win on the weasel vs. wolves.

Chez said...

Completely agree, Tracer. Matt Taibbi caught quite a bit of crap for saying that Obama and the Democrats should be doing what Bush and Company did for eight years -- taking their political enemies into a back room and essentially beating them with rubber hoses until they submitted -- but it turns out he's absolutely right. Lieberman needs to personally be threatened with physical violence by the president of the United States at this point.