Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sacrilege

Let's face it, playing the part of Lucifer has got to be every actor's dream, as it's pretty much the juiciest role there is. And for my money, nobody takes that character and runs with it like Viggo Mortensen in The Prophecy (a movie that was infinitely better than it should've been).

He was only on-screen for about eight minutes, but that's all he needed to steal the movie.


Kevin M. Hagerman said...

Amen (pun intended)!
I too have no idea why this movie worked. I hope the upcoming Legion is in a similar vein.

Doc said...

Ever read Twain's 'Letters from Earth'? Satan's observations on mankind while in exile on Earth are as accurate now as when he wrote them. Lucifer gets a bum rap.

VOTAR said...

Another excellent read is Taylor Caldwell's "Dialogs with the Devil," which takes the form of a series of letters between Lucifer and Michael. A really interesting take on the relationship (Lucifer's "evil" nature is not the result of jealousy or ambition, but actually a genuinely expressed love for God and his disappointment that his father would shame himself by creating and loving humans, which he sees as utterly irredeemable).

C Riedel-de Haen said...

@ VOTAR - Yes! I read that book years ago, and it is exactly like you describe it.

A bit subversive, in terms of Christian doctrine.

Having read quite a few other of Caldwell's books, I can say this one refreshingly different in tone and content (she did tend to get a little black-or-white about things)

I too, recommend it.

babita781 said...

I found Walken actually watchable in this, as well!

superEdna said...

I'm convinced that is actually Viggo Mortensen roaring at his minion. Not dubbed. Nope. He's that awesome.

Trixi said...

If I had known that Viggo was Lucifer, I would have sold my soul much sooner!

Anonymous said...

Peter Stormare in Constantine was really good as the devil. Probably the only good part about Constantine and he only shows up for a short bit towards the end.

Izar Talon said...

"I love you more than Jesus!"

I love this movie. It feels like it should be one of those really crappy direct-to-video things, but it's actually really, really good.

One of my favorite parts is when Gabriel is on the steps with the kids and one blows his trumpet and it shatters all the windows in the area, and as he's leaving he says "Study your math, kids It's the key to the universe." I just thought that was so cool.

Awesome, awesome movie And yes, Viggo was incredible as Lucifer. The best portrayal I've ever seen.

Deacon Blue said...

@ VOTAR: My father-in-law, a preacher, has a somewhat similar take in that he doesn't preach the idea that Satan fell from grace b/c he wanted to rule Heaven. His theory is that it all started with Lucifer deciding that God had lost His fucking mind when he made humans, and thus needed to be relieved of his position for the good of all angels and the universe.

I kind of expect that Lucifer/Satan would be a rather complex individual myself, so I've never felt comfortable with the simplistic notions that he just wants power.

And Viggo's Lucifer definitely ranks high with me as well...certainly worlds better than Al Pacino's hammy, scenery eating take on the old boy (though that one still had some appeal, too)