Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quote of the Week

"You know what's worse than being sick and not having health insurance? Having to sit through the Lieberman filibuster that kept it from you."

-- Jon Stewart


Mart said...

When Joe lost the primary to Lamont he had to pretend to be liberal to win the general. Then he proceeds to rat fuck Obama and the Dems still love him for being with us on everything but the war. His only consistent vote is anything for Isreal and perpetual war to all brown people nearby Isreal. He continues to stab libs in the back without punishment. And the media loves him as a straight talking former Democrat VP candidate, not a backstabbing flip flopping piece of...

Le Penseur said...

Some progressive Senator's aide just needs to sidle up to him and shank his ass Oz-style while no one is looking.

Chez said...

Schillinger and the Brotherhood.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Stewart was so passionately pissed off at Lieberman, last night, that it wasn't even funn... -- no, it still was funny!

(In case anyone missed last night's Colbert Report: GO SEE IT on Colbert Nation!!! It was particularly tasty at (I think) no fewer that four points (like The Word, the interview, and the final bit...)

Le Penseur said...

If Vern and the lads were to ever get a hold of Joe Lieberman, getting shanked would be the least of his worries. Gotta go work on my marksmanship; Lou Dobbs was not supposed to live to tell the tale.

Deacon Blue said...

Dealing with Joe Lieberman is easy. Stuff his ass in a big sack, drag him into a nice limo, and "escort" him to a nice safehouse somewhere, from which he is never to return. (A steady supply of booze and whores of whatever gender floats his boat should keep him in place. If not, that's why God made duct tape and sturdy metal chairs)

Then install in his place in Congress some tool wearing a 30 year old latex Halloween Jimmy Carter mask that's been pissed on by a cat and rolled up and stuffed into the bottom of a box of knick-knacks since at least the 80s. With the mask on, no one will be able to tell the difference between the replacement Joe and the real one, and as long as the tool can speak with the proper mix of Kermit's voice and Ben Stein's voice, and then he can vote like a real human with a heart and soul (i.e. in favor of healthcare reform) and we'll all be the better for it.

DB said...

"I am veteran network news producer and....Blah, Blah, Blah

Dude you will continue to be exactly where you are until the day comes that you truly show you are into NEWS and not your ideology.

Yesterday, the Wash Post reported on a leaked House Ethics Committee weekly summary of investigations containing a literal "who's who" of the current Democratic leadership and where is Chez on the story?

News man, indeed.

If I jumped the gun and you were working tirelessly on an op-ed condemning the "leadership" of your party, I will apologize.

Post away.

Chez said...

Man, thanks so much for putting me in my place. You really showed me the error of my ways there.

Thank God for astute readers like you.

First of all -- and at this point I'm just going to cut and paste this shit every time some clown decides to go on a rant calling me biased and wondering why I'm commenting on one story over another -- this is my fucking blog. I'm not doing national news anymore -- or even local news -- and contrary to the uninformed assumptions of someone like yourself, I'm fine with that. I'm quite happy with what I'm doing these days, thanks.

The Democrats are not "my party" any more than the Republicans are. I've slammed and made fun of the Dems plenty of times on this site because there are plenty of times that I think they're equally worthless to some of their counterparts across the aisle. That said, I write about whatever the hell I feel like writing about and I'm sure as hell not your goddamned jukebox. Got a problem with that? Wanna cry and call me "unfair" because I'm not regularly playing the partisan side you're a bigger fan of? Tough. There's a huge internet out there -- feel free to go read something else.

Why do I get the feeling I know exactly what that "DB" is short for?

D. f*#kin' B. said...

A hypocrite pointing out hypocrisy? You can't claim to be some bastion of fairness and then stamp your feet that you will post what you want in the same paragraph.

I cruise by this site because you normally skewer those who need to be skewered, and thought I would point out the vaccuum on this one. I know, being obnoxious is usually not appreciated.

Its not just you; Huff Post buried any coverage on the outright hypocrisy of the Democratic leadership in the house as well. (Recall the "Culture of Corruption" chant?).

In fact, most people who align themselves with the Democrats like to avert their eyes from what is quickly becoming a train wreck. That said; how, with any intellectual honesty, can you then rant on about the GOP corruption (of which there is much)?

And yeah, the DB was a bone toss.

Nice catch.

Chez said...

I don't claim to be a bastion of fairness here. I've never claimed that. When evaluating a topic, I like to think that I consider every angle -- but I'm not the least bit fair when it comes to which topics I choose to write about. I don't always give equal time from one piece to the next because I only write about subjects that move me. Do I think the Democrats are pretty much as corrupt as the Republicans (and incidentally, I don't get too much into Republican corruption unless it exposes overt hypocrisy)? Yes, absolutely. Anyone who thinks that Democratic politicians are, by and large, more noble than Republican politicians is unbelievably naive. But once again, I write about what I feel like writing about -- and since the last time I checked I wasn't getting paid for this, if you have an issue with it or feel like I'm shirking some responsibility to the ghost of Edward R. Murrow, sorry, but you're gonna have to deal with it.

I have an ideological difference with the way the modern Republican party is presenting itself and with its core belief system. That's why I tend to beat them up. I think the GOP has lost its way and lost its mind. Pointing out that a lot of Democrats suck too isn't going to change that.