Monday, October 26, 2009

Quote of the Week (Early Contender)

"The American Bankers Association has helped loosen the rules that protect us, allowing the unfettered greed that has brought us to the brink of a recession. And for those bankers who are members and support the ABA's war against the working and middle class, shame on you!"

-- One of hundreds of protesters who stormed the American Bankers Association meeting in Chicago

Remember how I've said on more than one occasion that in a different time and place the pissed off masses would be dragging these arrogant bastards kicking and screaming to the public square and joyously guillotining them?

Looks like the peasants have had just about enough.

The Huffington Post: "Showdown in Chicago" as Protesters Crash Bankers Convention/10.25.09


Benoit from Ottawa said...

I'm afraid they may have about as much effect as tea-baggers, say. No comparison, but isn't it just wheels spinning in both cases?

Ref said...

But are these people getting as much news time as the teabaggers, or does only conservative rage merit coverage?