Monday, October 26, 2009

Listening Post

Oh, Jordan Catalano. Why do you continue to make me swoon so with your chiseled features, perfect, now-emo haircut and your soaring rock anthems?

I love you almost as much as Angela and that annoying gay kid she hangs out with do.

Someday, Jordan. Someday I will have you.

Here's the ridiculously good new single from 30 Seconds to Mars -- Kings and Queens.


babita781 said...

I love the My So Called Life reference!

Kevin Davis said...

Something pretty sweet I came across Chez... You might have seen the Hook remix video (which is actually a good song on it's own even if you're not a fan)... it's done by a guy calling himself Pogo and he "drum-n-bassifies" a bunch of other movies.

You can download free and legal tracks from the below link... I especially recommend Lost (Alice in Wonderland) and Splurgenshitter
Pogo page

Pogo Blog