Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Listening Post

This guy is one of my favorite current singer-songwriters. I caught him live on the Lower East Side a few months back and he quickly and easily cemented that status.

Here's Matthew Barber doing a simple, stripped-down version of Easily Bruised.


Benoit from Ottawa said...

Thanks. He's been noticed a lot on the Canadian 'folk' scene and remains quite popular. Insofar as folksingers can be called "popular". Yet another one in our very strong contingent of Maritime singer-songwriters.

FYI, he has a sister, Jill Barber, who's equally talented and known here. Just previously a folky singer-songwriter herself, she's reached back eighty years or so for her latest album. And dressed up.

Later dude. Glad you're having good times with your baby.

kanye said...

I like the way that he sings a song.

And, on Benoit's recommendation I checked out his sister's site. Her videos are stunning...absolutely gorgeous.

blackbird said...

Love this song. Thanks for this version.

Aconite said...

I hope it's okay if I recommend a song to you here. I'd sent you an email about it quite some time back, but either Gmail sends mails with attachments straight to the junk pile, or you decided to ignore me. *sniff*

Either way, here it is again. Hope you like it. :)

PS: You don't have to approve the comment, I just wanted to share the song.