Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hack Job

So Chuck Todd's going to shave off that ridiculous thing on his face.

After losing a bet on the outcome of the NLCS with ABC's Jake Tapper, NBC News's Howdy Doody-esque political guru says he'll make good and finally get rid of his goatee.

Uh-huh, that's what he thinks is going to happen. The goatee, which became its own sentient being years ago, probably has other plans.

Careful with that razor, Chucky.

The Huffington Post: Chuck Todd To Shave Goatee/10.22.09

In other news, good to know that this is how network political correspondents pass their time. Wondering why the news coverage you need to make informed decisions sucks so badly in this country? I give you the comedy team of Tapper and Todd.


Anonymous said...

And the goatee will get a glass case in the newseum. bwah

kanye said...

Votar will be pleased.

B8ovin said...

Not to be pedantic but Todd is sporting a Van Dyke. If he only shaves off the beard portion of his facial hair it may properly be reported he is getting rid of his "goatee", but it is hard to imagine his retaining that mustache and being thought of as professional. Sometime I'll show you my dissertation on the differences between suspenders and braces.

Anonymous said...

Good. It was too thin. It was like a van dyke that wanted to be a chinstrap.

Stephen said...

He's donating the shavings to merkins of love.

Anonymous said...

huck Todd looks like the p*ssy he was just into stuck on his face.
Not only should he shave, he needs to find a new carrer.