Tuesday, October 27, 2009


There's nothing I enjoy more than Scientology having its lunatic, money-grubbing ass handed to it.

Which means that I'm having a pretty good day.

BBC: Scientologists Convicted of Fraud/10.27.09

National Post: Oscar-winning Director Paul Haggis Renounces Scientology/10.27.09

The Huffington Post: Scientology Spokesman Storms Out of Nightline Interview/10.24.09


DXM: Mormonism vs. Scientology: Be Wary, Be Wary the 10th of February/12.1.08


Capt. Clown said...

From the BBC: "Unlike the US, France has always refused to recognise Scientology as a religion"

Yeah, but what do those stupid froggies know? They didn't even support the U.S. when we illegally invaded Iraq based on a lie.


Anonymous said...

So Mr.Haggis had no qualms about his wife and child being forcefully deprived of familial relationships, but gay bashing, well, that just tears it?

He needs to get his priorities straight.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

When that "freedom" for "French" nonsense was current, I never did hear -- perhaps it was just moi -- about "freedom-kissing".

Woulda been funny.

Anonymous said...

We should take a preemptive strike against Scientology based on their possession of thetans of mass deception.

SteveR said...

Once a cult acquires personal hygiene and technology, it becomes a religion.

Jim said...

It's more than a little concerning to see so many verified accounts of the craziness and full-on Jim Jones-style brainwashing in Scientology exposed in such a high profile way within a weeks time. This puts a lot of insane and power hungry people under pressure to try and legitimize and ultimately further suppress the members of a truly massive and frighteningly dangerous cult. I have little doubt that Miscavige is crazy enough to do just about anything and that Tom Cruise with his wild-eyed brainwashed fervor is willing to carry out any order from his intergalactic rulers. You may just be able to trump the story of Michael Jackson drowning in hospital sedatives with "TOM CRUISE AMONG 500 DEAD IN SCIENTOLOGY MASS SUICIDE".