Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm all about the First Amendment, but at what point are we going to start arresting these assholes for incitement?

Talking Points Memo: Newsmax Columnist: Military Coup May Be Needed "To Resolve the Obama Problem"/9.30.09


Benoit from Ottawa said...

Let 'em talk. It's really the best guarantee against anything happening.

Darek said...

I can't wait till Rush and O'Reilly denounce this guy as a traitor.

Fred said...

The longer they keep their mouths open the better the chances of too much air getting to their tiny brains and developing one hell of a blood clot.

Well, in a perfect world it would work that way.

Will B said...

Never. Why do you think you can have your free speech protected and not someone else's? He may be an a-hole, but you should be defending his rights, not calling for his execution. That is if you respect the Bill of Rights for what it is, the best piece of legislation every written.

Chez said...

Did I miss something? Who's calling for his execution?

I'm arguing that what these people are saying is dangerous given the climate out there right now. No, actually, I don't want to curtail the right to free speech, but there has to be a certain level of responsibility attached to the freedom you're afforded by it. If you know full well that there's a large contingent of your audience made up of edgy, paranoid guys who really love firearms and are scared that Barack Obama is brainwashing our kids and leading us toward communism, saying stupid shit like this could very well have unintended and extraordinarily ugly consequences.

At some point (and it could easily be argued that it's happened already) the constant dehumanizing, demonizing, and diminishing of the president is going to lead to violence. It's almost a guarantee. And when that happens, just like the head-in-the-sand reaction we've already seen, the right-wing lunatics who stood at a podium or in front of a camera and called Obama the "enemy of humanity" or said that it'd take a coup to remove him will feign innocence and say, "Who, me? I didn't have anything to do with it. What'd I do?"

kanye said...

Speaking of the 1st amendment: bloggers beware. Apparently our legislature believes that irrespective of the kind of work that you are doing, most of you don't qualify as journalists and as such, won't be eligible to avail yourselves of the protections afforded by the new Federal Shield Bill.

Jefferson must be spinning in his grave like an Iranian centrifuge right about now.

Senate Cuts Citizen Bloggers From Federal Shield Bill

Will B said...

Funny, I missed this article when people were calling for the death (and still are) of our last President. That's because it wasn't reported.

So one could argue it's been happening for years, but is only now being reported because of who is the President.

Now I happen to just think he is doing a poor job as President, not that he is the anitchrist.

ProObama said...

Also, isn't there something that says while everybody has the right to free speak, trying to over throw the government - which I believe is what this loony is suggesting - is behavior that is not protected under the constitution? Then again, maybe I'm wrong, after all, whack-jobs on the right have talked openly about killing President Obama and have yet to be arrested.

I guess my question to the people who make such comments would be: Who would you rather have at the steering wheel? The other guy who ran for President, John McCain? Please, that was a fucking disaster waiting to happen. At least with Obama we know there is somebody with a level head and some brains doing the thinking, which is more then we could have said about Bush or McCain.

I sure if there ever was a Coup, like has been suggested by the large group that consider themselves disenfranchised, I think that there would probably be an equally sized counter-coup by concerned citizens who would rather not be placed back on the path that the Bush administration had placed us on - anarchy.

For me, I am not concerned in the least about the job Obama is doing and I think it is time people stand up and say so. Things have stabilized since Americas first Dictator, George W. Bush, left and I have all the confidence in the world that the trend will continue.

The only good that would come if the right were to once again re-gain control is a rebound effect by the left, who I would hope, would get off their ass' and stand standing up for what they believe in. If there is one thing that the right have that the left lacks is organization and guts to speak out, even if there are a few short of a six-pack.

Alex said...

WillB, don't make me laugh. Show me one decent sized article calling for the death of GW. I'm sure you can show me many calling for his arrest, impeachment, etc. But I can't say I'm at all familiar with anyone opposed to him calling for the end of his life.

Tuba Terry said...

I'm still sometimes amazed at how the right wing refuses* to see the difference between the left's protests and their own.

I know there isn't a sane human alive that can honestly say they think "Bush needs to be tried for war crimes!" is even in the same boat as "It's your patriotic duty to kill Obama." Granted, the left was more direct, but you do kinda have to pussyfoot around when you're advocating killing a sitting president.

*I specifically used "refuses to" because "can't" gives them too much credit. "Can't" assumes they're honest but too stupid to figure it out. I think they're a bunch of lying fuckbags.

Jeremy said...

The first amendment does not include sedition. And threatening the life of the President is always a crime. Just ask the Secret Service.

Where was this first amendment activism, Will B, when peaceful demonstrators were herded into "free speech zones" and beaten for daring to ask "why?"

Marsupialus said...

The 1st amendment isn't absolute. You can't walk into a crowded theater and shout fire when there is no fire. Calling for a coup to overthrow the president is shouting fire in the fire's absence. The guy didn't say, I strongly disagree with the President, I'm going to work within the system to elect someone different next time. He said, the President must be overthrown. It is way way way beyond the pale. Democracy calls for accountability and pulling the post off the website won't quite do it.

B8ovin said...

It's worth noting that the notoriously neo-connish Newsmax pulled the article in question and disavowed any official connection to its author, showing that the "scenario description" was beyond the pale.
As for Bill W. I have a few questions that I have been dying to ask people that use arguments like his: 1)If I grant that such articles were written about Bush (I do not) does that excuse the illogic and indecency of this article? 2) Apart from commentators at certain lefty sites and a few protesters can you point to such an article concerning Bush? 3) Can you PLEASE describe a single act by Obama that is worse than lying to involve the country in a war, illegally wiretapping American citizens, firing AGs for purely political reasons, hiring Justice Department attorneys based on their religious education, instituting torture, demoting Habeas Corpus to a quaint notion, reducing taxes to the point of creating a gross deficit, and ignoring the signs of an impending market crash? And given all that and all the problems inherited by the current President and how long he has been in office, can you explain WHY you think he is doing a poor job? 4) Finally, do you expect me to believe that your opinion of the job he is doing isn't because of who he is?

Chez said...

Bill W or Will B?

Yeah, we have to sort them out now.

Jeremy said...

I <3 B8ovin

B8ovin said...

I should explain I'm a local director of D.A.M. or Mothers Against Dyslexia. I meant of course, Will B.

And thank you Jeremy I (that sign) you too.

liberal army wife said...

Will B - I had the "village in TX missing it's idiot" bumper sticker, and when he came on TV to announce the Surge, which meant my husband's deployment was going to be extended (ended up being 22 months long) I may have said I wish you would jump off a cliff.. but I never ever would have advocated shooting him. Show me ONE article that was as widely disseminated as that Newsmax piece, or the Facebook "Poll"... This is being directed at the self same fools that shoot doctors they believe are "murderers" - that show up at town hall meetings armed (yes yes, I know, the 2nd amendment... but provoking the Secret Service and then making sure they appear "amazed" that they are being watched closely - please, the knuckle dragging tea baggers may buy that one, most of us who have a full brain don't) It's the height of irresponsibility! and there has to be a line. if you really want to live where guns are allowed and shooting someone is your solution - I hear Mogadishu has vacancies.