Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Village Idiot

Just a heads-up from Malcontent Central: Things are gonna be pretty slow around here for the next five days. I'm going to once again be writing and editing the Village Voice's "Runnin' Scared" news blog, and that's sure to take up just about every minute of my day.

If I put together anything over there that I think would translate well for readers here, I'll pop up a link; I'll also continue posting videos and the occasional smart-ass comment or two, but I figured I'd warn the regulars that the pickings will be pretty slim compared to the normal output.

Things should return to normal next Saturday.

Thank you for your patronage.

The Village Voice: "Runnin' Scared"


Anonymous said...

We'll look forward to your special touch over at VV, we'll be reading you there and will be waiting when you return to DXM full time. Good luck.

Chez said...

Aw. That's very nice. For the record, the first day or so's gonna be pretty rocky. Already is, actually. I'm not used to Movable Type and I have to go for quantity of material above all else.

CNNfan said...

I may be a little quiet around here, but there is plenty going on over there:

I tried to Esubscribe (link on the page footer) but is threw an error, "==" ?

Two equal signs mean, "equal to" in computer programming.

CNNfan said...

Your professionalism is showing again. Can't have too much of that, now can we? So... The Village Voice blogs on Movable Type? Thanks for the scoop. Did you know that President Obama blogs on Movable Type?

So does self proclaimed CNNfan Britney Spears (Google it). Sounds like Movable Type is a good move to the type of blogware that offers more of what is needed once a blog inevitably outgrows a free service provider.

Now, if only there was a new development server, built and being setup by someone, somewhere on the web that was running on its own ... Powered by Movable Type ? That would be a good opportunity for learning how it is done by professionals like you, Britney and the President of the United States.