Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Story of the Day

The Village Voice: Skaters, Haters (Oh, and There's a Virgin Living in New York City)/9.22.09


babita781 said...

The fact that this gorgeous man was beaten by racist punks is horrifying. But on the other topic, I have never encountered a highly sexed person who wants to be a virgin on his/her wedding night who waits until 30. Look at that oldest Duggar child. And the boys from that group Hanson. And the oldest Jonas brother. And my mother. If you have strong sexual feelings and a strong desire to wait until marriage, you get married young. I think Marcus is fairly asexual to be able to hold out this long for his "rose"!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing Chez;

Love NYC, lived many- a train ride away- years from it.

I now live in a major city, but I am still in 'Neckville.
But your consistent comments about race and racism stike me as a bit hollow, especially your charaterization of the residents of Neck.

I mean, after all, don't you live where they still hang flags outside of the establishments, or do you want to argue degrees od difference.
Thought not. Own it my friend.