Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quote of the Week (Honorable Mention)

"We like our guns in the United States."

-- Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada, defiantly rationalizing why the mortality rate in this country, which would normally be attributed to a bad health care system, can't be trusted because factoring in every American's right to die by gunshot wound skews the survey


Tara Parker said...

My Las Vegas-native husband says that Ensign is a Senator from Nevada.

oskar said...

Should read: "We like our Fear in this country" It sure helps to sell guns & make his NRA puppetmasters a lot of money.

Fear & Greed is what it's really about, not the Second Amendment.

otherwise, not just any idiot could buy a gun so easily.

Chez said...

Yup, Tara -- brain fart on my part. It's been adjusted.

Guess that desert landscape just confused me. That or the peyote.

revmuddswife said...

I thought people kill people, not guns.

Mr. Ensign: "Ooops."

Will B said...

If you dislike the country so much, go live somewhere else. I understand you blog on your opinions, but I hope you don't call yourself a journalist anymore. You cant separate the news from your posts anymore.

Chez said...

I love this country, Will. Hence why I hate to see it taken apart piece by piece at the hands of the unbelievably dangerous and stupid.

And you have an interesting definition of what a journalist is, apparently.

Will B said...

Lame to trot out Webster, but I was under the impression a journalist gathers and reports the information. Without opinion or bias.

Back to firearms, I could trot out all the statistics I need to prove my point. And you could do the same. The base fact is that the right to own firearms and the freedom of choice (religion, speech, etc) were what established this country. Without the former, we wouldn't have the latter.

Now while I will agree on the point there should be restrictions on ownership and strong penalties for misuse, the simple fact is guns wrongly kill far fewer people in this country then many other causes of death. They are a check and balance against an oppressive government that most other nations don't enjoy, and live in fear and decay. They are a tool that should and will be protected, both for my defense of my family, and my right to use my gun to hunt food.

Should firearms be withheld and taken from criminals? Absolutely. Come up with a way to do that without taking them from the rest of us, and I'll run for Congress and propose it as law.

Jeremy said...

Will B
A) I support the second amendment, not because I am a hunter (although I am), but precisely because the second amendment says I have that right to keep tyranny in check.
That said, this is clearly tongue in cheek, as are most things at this site, so if you only have a thick skin when folks are kicking other's sacred cows, this site is probably gonna piss you off, a lot, and often.
B) Last I recollect, Chez wasn't claiming to be a journalist. He is a blogger, and a commentator. But if you came over here much at all, you'd realize the guy doesn't call himself a journalist, and regularly calls out those who do call themselves journalist but who pull partisan bullshit on a regular basis. And yes, he can do that and then turn around and be as opinionated as he wants to, because he isn't a journalist, and he isn't being paid to be an objective journalist.
Although, truth be told, I usually end up getting a lot more "meat" from Chez and the various commenters and the links they post than I ever get on the average news site.

Ref said...

Why do hunters and sportsmen (and I'm not being ironic as I have respect for those people) need AK-47's, Saturday night specials, or armor-piercing bullets? There could be a LOT more limitations on firearms in this country that would functionally discomfit those I mentioned above little or nil. It WOULD cause panic among those fruitbats who think the mean black man (who can't possibly be a legitimate President) wants to take all their guns. Why do we cater so to the lunatics among us?

CNNfan said...

A good way not to die by gunshot wound is to know how to use a gun to defend yourself.

CNNfan said...

Ref said, "Why do hunters and sportsmen (and I'm not being ironic as I have respect for those people) need AK-47's, Saturday night specials, or armor-piercing bullets?"

Commentary and Opinion:

Taking away the right to bear arms, begins by taking away the right to bear a few types of arms, and then a few more types, and a few more types... Until the types of guns allowed are so few, it takes away our expert knowledge and skills that we need to safely handle a gun to take up arms in our own self defense.

It is certainly a reality, without being paranoid about it. No country is 100% secure against an invasion. God forbid, if that happens, are you going to say to an enemy invader, "Just a minute... You don't need that AK-47? No, you can't shoot us with that. No, no... That gun neither, that's a Saturday night special... Wait, wait... No, no, no! That big gun is loaded with armor-piercing bullets... Believe us, we know... We are the ones who passed laws against them in this country! (whispering) Psst! It will be really embarressing for you... Only the lunatics among us shoot those types of guns!"