Friday, August 28, 2009

Will Write for Food 6: Annihilation

Now that I've sufficiently depressed the hell out of you on a Friday afternoon with tales of kidnap and murder, I figured I'd really drop the hammer and just abandon you altogether.*

I'm bailing early today, but with good reason: Tomorrow, Inara arrives to spend a couple of weeks with the father who misses her all to pieces.

This means that I've got to finish getting the place ready, make one last run to the grocery store, hide the sharp objects I regularly surround myself with, you get the picture. On that note, I wanted to remind everyone that we'll soon be wrapping up our big Summer Pledge Drive around these parts.

If you like Deus Ex Malcontent and want to help support the site, there are two ways you can do it: You can buy a copy of my memoir, Dead Star Twilight, by clicking here. Just follow the instructions and it'll immediately be downloaded to your computer as an e-book. You can also just donate money via the Paypal electronic tip jar in the right-hand sidebar of this screen (click the link that says "Donate").

The drive wraps up tomorrow, so get those last minute nickels and dimes in, folks. To those who've already pitched in, I honestly can't thank you enough. You guys are the reason I keep doing this.

To everyone else, come on -- look at the cute baby!

*This isn't completely true. I'll be posting a Happy Hour video later and I'll continue checking comments throughout the day and night.


Slick said...

Enjoy every single minute with Inara. I think we are all happy to hear you two will be spending time together.
Have fun, and we will all just read Jezebel instead.

Anonymous said...

Uncle! I am powerless against your wiles!

lakelady said...

yay yay yay yay yay, simply yay. I'm giddy for you. Enjoy :)

tamara said...

AHHHHH! Make it stop! The cuteness! The cuuuuuteness!!

Okay...ya got ain't much, but I hope it helps...

Anonymous said...

She's getting soo big. Bella angelica!