Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will Write for Food 3: The Quickening

Another reminder that we're in the middle of our big Summer Pledge Drive.

If you like what you find here and you want to help keep Deus Ex Malcontent running, there are two ways you can do it: You can buy a copy of my memoir, Dead Star Twilight, by clicking here. Just follow the instructions and it will be downloaded to your computer as an e-book immediately. You can also donate money via the Paypal electronic tip jar in the right-hand sidebar of this screen (click the link that says "Donate").

Thanks, gang.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Another bad movie reference? Are you going to slip in a reference to Ishtar? Howard the Duck?

You're killing me.

Awesome pic though.

Sr. Wrangler said...

I bought your book during the last drive and posted a meager donation last night. It's only what I can afford, but I appreciate your work and will do what I can to continue to support it. Good on you sir!

gina said...

bought the book and burned through it in a day.

was in a daze the remainder of the day.

for those who haven't taken the plunge yet into Dead Star Twilight, I say Do It.

so, so good.