Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

So I picked up the phone and called John Sutter of

For those who weren't paying attention late last week, he's the guy who put together a piece for the CNN website on people who've been fired for blogging. A piece which conveniently omitted the person who'd recently been fired by CNN for blogging (that would be me). While I don't take the "oversight" all that seriously, as it doesn't surprise me in the least, I admit that I've been curious as to whether anyone on the inside considered it a dereliction of duty not to fully disclose their network's attachment to a story.

For the record, Sutter seems like a good guy and I'm not going to bash him in any way. According to him, he pitched the idea for the story and (I'll let you reach your own conclusions about this) swears that he had never heard of me and had no idea that CNN had ever fired anyone for blogging. It seems like slightly lackluster research to me, given that a New York Times story with the headline "CNN Producer Says He was Fired for Blogging" is one of the first things that pops up if you Google most variations of the phrase "fired for blogging." Once again, though, I'm not slamming Sutter -- mostly because he offered me what little information he felt he could without in any way overstepping his bounds and attempting to speak for the network. (So leave the poor kid alone, CNN management.)

Anyway, there's that.

Make of it what you will.


Anonymous said...

Apparently he hasn't heard of the Google? The innertubes? The Youtubes people were holding up and filming Max Baucus on last week?

I call bullshit. Either that or he's lazy. Or retarded. Or any combination thereof.

Damn punk kids, get off my information superhighway! I can drive as slow as I want!

gina said...

Since CNN has gotten a couple of days of play from it, did he indicate that they would be issuing an update? Shit, if they can talk about what is happening with Micheal Jackson's body or cankles (I shit you not...go look at their home page), can't they take it properly on the chin?

Silly, I guess.

Broken Arrow said...

Perhaps it was outside the scope of your conversation, but did Mr. Sutter offer any insight as to the continued employment of Tiffanie Wong?

Dan said...

Maybe he had someone from FOX do the research? said...

No mention by the author
does not exclude being denoted:

" Getting 'dooced' " denotes, "doocedexmalcontent".

Adrienne Saia said...

Oh good for fucking them. Let's martyr them all because they wrote under a PSEUDONYM. I got fired for writing a blog too but was stupid enough to use my own name. I mean, think - had I been a big enough pussy to hide my identity, I might have been profiled on CNN and gotten a book deal.

My therapist says I have a lot of anger issues.