Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

A decent, although not especially revealing article on Newsweek's website right now: It takes a look at why so many people -- in particular the tea-baggers and anti-health care reform shriekers -- believe information that's 100% bullshit. I've always heard it referred to as "confirmation bias," but this piece calls it "inferred justification." Whatever the name, it's basically the tendency of True Believers to work backward in their reasoning from a conclusion they've already reached -- essentially making the "facts" fit the end they hope to achieve.

It's why millions believed Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, why the Birthers won't shut up about Obama being born in Kenya (no matter how many times that ridiculous myth has been thoroughly debunked), and why wild-eyed old people are now standing up at town hall meetings babbling about how the government wants to kill them.

It's just about the most intellectually dishonest form of reasoning there is.

Read on:

Newsweek: Lies of Mass Destruction/8.25.09


Jason said...

Hold your friends accountable for being stupid.

It's like this - you know all those parents at amusement parks who let their kids skip lines and generally act like selfish shitheads? Dad needs to sack up and lay down the law. I've pulled my entire family aside on occasion and told them under no circumstances are they to act like that.

This country right now is full of people who aren't getting called out on their shit. It's time for the collective fatherhood of rational thought to lay down the law and raise the bar.

Troll X said...

Let's call out people on their shit, shall we?

Chez, I will save the broader debate of how economically stifled this country was in the 1970's and why you want to return to that state for another day.

Let's look at specifics: you ranted on and on about how the protesters at the town halls we so organized and that shutting down points of views was wrong and so on.
Now, those same town hall meetings are being stacked with bussed in "community organizers" (Read unions) and we hear not a peep.

So, it wasn't that they we or were not doing their "patriotic duty" by challrnging policy that so pissed you off, it was that they opposed your stance on the issue. Your silence provides this inference.

Chez said...


That made absolutely no sense. Like none. It actually takes quite a bit of skill to pull that off -- so congrats. : )

Ref said...

Chez, he/she/it is just typing the Republican meme-of-the-day. Not very well, either.

VOTAR said...

Except for "out," "peep," and "the," I didn't understand a single fucking word of Troll X's comment.

Deacon Blue said...

As a public service, I have re-read Troll X several times now, and think I can translate some of it. I hope I haven't damaged any brain cells in the process.

Troll X says you're full of shit, Chez.

Presumably, Troll X believes the economic problems of the 1970s were due to too many "socialized" things. And that somewhere after the 1970s, those things went away and things got better, and now Obama wants to take us back to the old ways. Whatever those fictional old ways were. Maybe it's disco he was referring to.

Troll X thinks you were being too mean to the folks who disrupted other town hall meetings with gibberish, loaded weapons and whatnot...and claims that Obama is now bringing in left-leaning ringers and that you are choosing to ignore that "fact"

You just hate them because they disagree with your point of view, and you're a hypocrite, apparently.

No need to thank me for the translation services. Just send over a paramedic, since now I need to lie down before my head explodes....

Chez said...

Thanks, Deac. At least you speak English, know how to type and can articulate a clear thought.

AKSmoke Salmon said...

The first time I ran across this type of mass hypnosis was the Twannie Brawlie case in NYC, led by Rev. Sharpton. I guess she must have been waterboarded to get her to recant being her rape story.

2,000 plus years of Apocalyptosis is probably one of the longest running Mass hallucinations.

The fact that the Earth has had 20 episodes over the last 2 million years of Continental F*^%ing Wide Ice Sheets (North America and Eurasia covered under a two mile thick blanket of ice and the oceans about 800 feet lower than today) makes me laugh at the now gospel concept of Global Climate Change as an anthropomophic (Human centered) event. OMG - humans are causing the climate to change on the Earth...

No shit Sherlock, did you know the climate on the Earth has undergone MASS changes regularly as part of its life of going around the big freaking hot thing at the center of the solar system...

Best case of how most people are brain dead in 7th grade when public schools and Christian schools teach GEOLOGY and the HISTORY of the EARTH.

We have wack jobs that think the Earth is 10,000 years old on one side, and then on the other it has never fudging changed in 4.5 billion. Both great examples of this type of illiterate thinking.

So are aliens that Captain those UFO naturally bald or is it something disagreeable in our atmosphere.