Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Terry Alert Has Been Raised

Randall Terry, ousted founder of Operation Rescue, is without a doubt one of the most shithouse-rat-crazy people currently sucking down oxygen. In the past, he's all but physically chained himself to Terry Schiavo, disowned his gay son for supposedly sullying his family's good name, and, oh yeah, publicly backed abortion doctor killers -- convicted and alleged, respectively -- Paul Hill and Scott Roeder.

So it makes perfect sense that he'd throw himself head-first into the unmitigated lunacy that is the right-wing protests against health care reform, adding his special brand of surreal theatrics.

From Salon:

"In Chattanooga, Tenn., [Terry] was nearly arrested Saturday while standing outside a federal courthouse stabbing baby dolls, because he hadn’t obtained the proper permits for the demonstration. In Nashville on Sunday, one of Terry’s cronies put on an Obama mask and pretended to mug pedestrians walking by. ‘It’s an angry white man in a black man’s mask,’ Nashville resident James Davis, who saw Terry’s hijinks in action, told the Tennessean’s Jennifer Brooks. ‘They’re just trying to shock people. They’re trying to say, ‘Barack Obama doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about your kids, because he’s black.' (Salon couldn’t put it much better ourselves.) The protests also include a crowd-pleasing bit where an old lady walks up to Terry, dressed as a doctor, seeking medical advice, and instead Terry jabs her in the neck with a needle and pretends to kill her."

You've gotta wonder if Terry realizes the irony of the fact that he just inadvertently directed a Marilyn Manson video.

(h/t Oliver Willis)

(Update: Got an e-mail from Lindsey Roeder, ex-wife of the aforementioned Scott Roeder -- who's accused of murdering abortion doctor George Tiller. She agrees: Terry's fucking bananas. Thanks for writing, Lindsey.)


L. said...

I got to hear a guy going on about why we don't need healthcare reform while on vacation last week. I nearly drowned him in the Atlantic.

He said that his insurance is only expensive because it's paying for Medicare and Medicaid to be supported and more government intervention will only make it cost more.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but those programs are financed by taxes. Your insurance is expensive because the companies can make it so in order to increase their profit margins and there's no one stopping them.

Still no need for reform of any sort?

Captainfirst said...

This whackjob Randall Terry is originally from my area. He couldn't cut it as a used car salesman. Enough said/