Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quote of the Week

"Government cannot run a health care system. They’ve already shown that. Trust the private markets to do it the right way."

-- Pretend head of the Republican party, Humpty look-alike, and perpetual fountain of gibberish Michael Steele making a comment so laughable that as a punchline it pretty much makes its own gravy

(h/t Cesca)


Anonymous said...

Did that, and we're still getting fisted.

How about some proof for your massive generalization?

Oh yeah, insurers are already getting between me and my doctor.


Suzy said...

Now, Gus. What the fuck does goonie-googoo mean?

Matt Osborne said...

Michael Steele: because the GOP loves them some darkie comedians!

Bill White said...

Sorry again, Chez, but the honorable Michael Steele is right. Private markets are fresh, creative, innovative. Furthermore, they're profit-driven which means that they have an incentive to work harder to give legal citizens the health care that they earned. Our Founding Fathers never guaranteed us anything like free health care. They knew that the achievers would have to pay for it. That's punishment, Chez. Hitler did that. The Hebrews were achievers so Adolph came for them by taking their guns and money to pay for gov't-forced health care. So, yes, we conservatives want to see this Obama-Pelosi-Reid socialistic program fail. The New Deal failed. The Great Society failed. Jimmy Carter failed. Bill Clinton failed so bad that he caused the recession that GW Bush tried to solve, but you secular progressives kicked GW out of town before his tax cuts could work. Now, if you let John + Sarah continue GW's hard work, we would have been out of Clinton's recession. But nooo, you SPs elected a Muslim-Kenyan citizen to create his own recession so that we're so weak, he will usher in the enemy to take this nation over. Very soon, Christmas will be dead and replaced by Kwanzaa and Ramadan.
Now, you know I don't need health care. I tape my bad knees with duct tape. Don't tread on me, Hussein Nobama! Look at him now, that out-of-touch elitist! He's reading books and hanging out with his socialist friends in that Godless part of the country. I heard that he's reading that Commie Friedman's book about the folly of cap and trade. How do I know it's a jobs killer? Because Sean told me so and Sean Hannity knows everything. He just won another award!
Health care is failing thank God. Cap and trade is next. After that, removal from office. I bet you SPs are feeling "buyer's remorse." I'm sorry, but 2010 is going to be a bloodbath for Wiccan Pelosi and Moron Reid. Get ready to hand over your gavel Comrade Pelosi.

L. said...

I can't even begin to understand where he's coming from with this comment. The private markets are doing a shit job at best.

The current state of insurance is one in which you have to go to doctors approved by your plan or pay out of pocket and you can be dropped for health conditions even if you've always paid your premiums. If the people freaking out over bureaucrats between them and their doctors and death panels stepped back and looked at what the insurance companies are doing to people already, maybe they'd change their tune.

Actually, I'm not sure they would. It seems to me a lot of the opposition to healthcare reform is blind party politics and has nothing to do with the truth. This country has become far too preoccupied with the party lines and it's going to start impeding out ability to get anything done. Instead of shouting their heads off about killing grandmas, maybe the opponents should be proposing alternatives that aren't just letting the healthcare companies sodomize those fortunate enough to afford to get to pay them massive premiums.

And let's be honest, some people's grandmas suck anyway.

Anonymous said...

All the governments in the world who CAN effectively run a health care system would like to say fuck you America and the horse you rode in on.

Jealous much?

Anonymous said...

bill's so funny. he should do a blog.

Bill White said...

Actually, I do have a blog, Anonymous. I don't update as much as I need to because I run a plumbing company in Hattiesburg, MS. In addition to me expanding the economy, I'm involved with my church and family. That leaves me little time to scour these lefty blogs full of secular progressives who hate freedom, free markets, Sean Hannity, the U.S. Military, GW Bush and nutritious road kill. I promise I'll have some thoughts on my blog about that far lefty Teddy Kennedy. God Bless and now back to Chez's far, far left SP blog......

AKSmoke Salmon said...

Why don't we have a government only insurance program for doctors and malpractice insurance?

Do you think we would have tort reform in the medical industry if government had to run the insurance program for doctors? Maybe if doctors provide pro bono health care two times a month, they could even get their premiums paid for.

What would that do to the SKY rocketing cost of health care in this country?

How much does anyone think a $100,000 plus premium for malpractice insurance that doctors get gouged for annually ends up on our health care bills?

Chez man - how much is your journalism malpractice insurance each year???

There are better and cheaper ways to do this. What if you get goofed up - you get the limit on a tort reform number and then you enter the I got Goofed up Lotto, where you can become a true gazillionaire and get a free trip on the next space shuttle to go out to outer space.

What would the health care bill look like if all the legislators were doctors instead of lawyers...