Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Method Act To His Madness

I meant to pop this up late last week, but somehow it slipped through the cracks:

You know, I really thought Jon Voight was terrific on the last season of 24 as Jonas Hodges, the completely-off-his-rocker reactionary who wanted to wage war on the government because he believed it had turned against its people and principles.

Now I realize he wasn't acting.

Salon: Jon Voight Asks, "Is President Obama Creating a Civil War?"/8.21.09


Anonymous said...

I watched after his crazy came out...and thought the same thing.

No one should wonder why Angelina will have nothing to do with him. No one.

Jason said...

Yeah because Jon Voight was such a successful father everyone should be listening to his political advice.

Interesting that, Republican fearmongers always have giant fail points with their own children while dictating to the rest of the world how soon they're going to be eaten alive by socialism.

Hey Jon! If you are reading this, you were the character in 24 everyone wanted dead. Grats!

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Oh well.

Free speech still trumps repression and censorship.

But, um, "rattled and rattling", your right-wingers these days. Really unsettled.

SteveR said...


"Hey, somebody wanna go tell Jon we've cut?"

Sheriff Bart said...

I love the continued use of the words "Socialism" and "Forced" in these people's rants, when they have absolutely no idea what socialism has gotten them.
Nobody in my office "Forced" me to take that week's vacation to Cancun while adding both weekends to make it an actual eleven-day vacation.
Nobody "Forces" me to accept time and a half when I put in more than forty hours of work.
Nobody "Forces" me to accept less than minimum wage.
And I don't have them, but if I had kids, I'm positive that they wouldn't be forced to work in a textile mill fifteen hours a day seven days a week for a hand full of pennies and the added bonus of loosing a finger.
Truthfully? I think a little socialism is a good thing.

SteveR said...

Sheriff Bart wrote: "I think a little socialism is a good thing."

... not for the boss, apparently.

Chris said...

Yes, he's definitely going to win more converts to his cause. All he does is preach to the converted and reinforce their mistaken beliefs.

But like Benoit said, I support his right to free speech, but can he just do it out of earshot?

slouchmonkey said...

"You gonna do some prayin' for me, boy. And you better pray good."

L. said...

I swear if this country gets any more mentally deficient we're going to need Canada to tie our shoes for us in the morning.