Thursday, August 27, 2009

Listening Post

Supposedly, the second official single from Silversun Pickups' most recent album, Swoon is There's No Secrets This Year. From what I can see, they haven't released a video for that yet.

Now then, the best song on the album -- and one that a lot of radio stations have picked up and adopted as the new single -- is The Royal We, and there isn't a video for that either.

Regardless, it's an absolute monster of a track -- probably my favorite song in the universe at the moment.

Here's The Royal We.


gina said...

Gotta say, they leave me cold at times, but this was a great fuckin song. Thanks for showing me something I would have otherwise missed.

J. Dack said...

Couldn't agree more. Royal We is by far the best track on a nearly perfect album, and also my favorite song of the last few years.

I'm almost sad I got "Swoon" for $5 on Amazon's mp3 daily deal thing. It's the first album in years I think would be worth at least $20.

Riles said...

Fuckin great of my favorites. And this is a killer song.

I do think Carnavas was a much better album though.

Angela Lucier said...

Definitely the best song on the album!

Chris said...

good song. new orleans. strippers. fried shrimp po-boys. abita beer.

that's the short version of it.

also, sort of and substitution are pretty high up there.