Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Birth-Brains 4: The Meltdown

It's rare that I swipe something wholesale from a third-party source, but the Huffington Post's Jason Linkins -- who's my BFF by the way -- pretty much nails it in hilarious fashion on the set-up for the clip you're about to see:

"The conventional wisdom is that August is the slowest month for news, thus it's tailor-made for the 'Birther' movement -- crazies that come hand-delivered to the media in their month of need, like barrel-dwelling fish that shoot themselves. Today, they're waving around a supposed 'Kenyan birth certificate' for President Barack Obama without regard to the fact that it would have to have come from an alternate reality where Kenya became Kenya before Kenya was Kenya, and on which Obama is said to have been born in a city that was actually part of Zanzibar at the time of his birth. It's all pretty awesome and fun and now everyone's getting in on the 'let's all forge up some birth certificates' craze. It's August 2009, and America is precisely where our founders envisioned we would be.

On Monday, David Shuster and Tamron Hall hosted celebrated 'Birther Queen' Orly Taitz, who is a walking Saturday Night Live character, possibly played by Chris Kattan, come to life. The resulting discussion was, as you might imagine, pretty special! Taitz came on, speaking as if in a panic, presaging her answers with complaints about CNN, referring to David Shuster as a 'brownshirt,' and making oddball claims about how '85% of Americans think Barack Obama was not properly vetted.'

Anyway, this is like Shuster and Hall attempting to interview an angry Fraggle."

Just a reminder, by the way, that today is Barack Obama's "birthday."

Yeah, right. That's what they want you to believe.



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Chris said...

Talk about a meltdown. If she's right, then he's a Commonwealth citizen and we can claim him for the Brits, can we swap you Gordon Brown?

gina said...

Well, there's my Halloween costume. I'll pass out crazy faked birth certificates, pills, and candy.

Holly said...

Chez, have you seen a photo of the thing? It's hilarious. It's certificate number 47O44. (Obama's age when sworn in, the letter O, and which President he is -- 44th). On Free Republic, when this was pointed out, several posters immediately gave credit to God for "His sense of humor" in arranging both for that to be Obama's certificate number and for it to come out just before the man's "birthday."

nancy said...

This is "wharrrgarbl" in its finest form. Listen and learn, people.

(Was just on Fark.com- the thread for this clip is hilarious. She is being described as a "Gabor sister with Down's.")

El Hablador said...

Here I am hoping that August will be the cruelest month for the birthers!

Anonymous said...

You know whats sad.

The only time a news presenter actually sticks to their question and pushes for an actual answer is when they have a crazy on.

When was the last time you saw a reporter push a politician for an answer over the blatant lies being pushed out?

The crazies are easy targets I get that. This whole interview is a hatchet job of the woman. She may be nuts along with her 'movement', but that's no excuse to throw obvious distortion questions out ("You turned down the driver because hes Muslim?") against her and have a different set of rules for everyone else.

And then they talk about journalistic integrity at the end.

Hex said...

Orly Taitz is like a cartoon character. It's like what would happen if Glen Beck went all Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs on Us.

"Would you do me? I would totally do me."

Put the lotion on the skin and go away already!

Bill White said...

Happy Birthday, Barack Hussein Obama. The doctor that delivered you in Kenya must be thrilled that this is your first birthday as president of the United States, the land that you're planning to turn into a Socialist Islamic Republic.
Good God, what have people like you done by installing this man in office?
Let's look at the record:
1. Health Care-big failure
2. Economy-you created this disaster and you're responsible.
3. Saving people in their homes-you failed. Many are getting kicked out right now.
4.The Teddy Kennedy Commie Serve America Act-this is something that only North Korea would be proud of. Oh yeah, that failure of a president Bill Clinton is probably going over there to get some ideas on this.
5.Small Business Recovery-not for me. I only see taxes going through the roof and you mandating that I have to buy insurance.

We're less safe than we've ever been. Let's hope that President Huckabee can clean up your awful mess.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

wingnut validation. thank you Bill Onanist White.

The Manimal said...

I have to agree with Zombiestories; journalists have to act like journalists even when they're interviewing people who aren't as patently absurd as this Orly Taitz.

BTW Chez, has anyone ever told you that you bear more than a passing resemblance to Joe Scarborough?

Anonymous said...

This woman is nucking futs! Where's she from anyway, Russia? she was in Tel Aviv during this interview. Where's her birth certificate or work visa? I demand to see proof she has the right to be in MY country. A favorite fantasy of mine is that she will be brought up on charges of treason or inciting riots and run out of the USA on a rail. She has to eventually pay a price somehow for bringing all these frivolous lawsuits.

She reminds me of Harpo Marx with that stupid wig. And those rediculous fake lashes are insane. And that screeching voice and accent...my aching ears!!

Oh and that BC from Kenya just happens to be copied from one someone found online. The original is from a geneology site for a family in Australia. It's all laid out on Daily Kos.

The BM's (my euphemism for the birther movement loons) are craaaszy. I went to one of their sites and read some of the comments. They are wringing their hands in anticipation of a hanging, beheading or worse of President Obama when the BC is found to be valid and he's charged with treason. At the same time they say if it's proven to be a forgery, then he's the one who did it to cover up the truth. Nothing will ever convince them he's legit because it's not where he was born. They can't stand it that a brilliant black man is in THEIR white house.

Oh and Orly's site apparently gives a warning of malware or something (not going there so don't know what they're whining about)but you guessed it, Google or Obama is doing that to keep them from going to her site.

It's real scary out here now and no, the corporate owned MSM is not going to call the nuts and lyers on anything in a consistant and helpful way in to answer an ealier comment.

Sheriff Bart said...


Milton said...

if this woman's head was surgically attached to the body of a chihuaua it wouldn't be any creepier - or funnier!

Morrighan said...

I didn't know Lady GaGa was in to politics.