Monday, August 31, 2009

Beck: Loser (Epilogue)

Okay, so here's an amusing thought. Since there's a pretty good chance that Glenn Beck's wild-eyed Howard Beale routine is just that, a routine -- one designed to draw the train wreck rubbernecker crowd and make him loads of money in the process -- here's a question: How long before he really does pretend to have had the Saul-on-the-Road-To-Damacus-style conversion to liberalism that I joked about earlier today? Really, just think of Beck suddenly showing up on the air one day speaking in a calmly affected, robotic monotone, singing the praises of Barack Obama and the government's glorious "socialist" plan for us all.

After everything we've seen Beck pull over the past year or so, is it really all that far-fetched?

And just imagine for a moment the reaction of the paranoid conspiracist nutjobs who typically hang on Beck's every word.

"Holy shit! They got him! Look, Cletus -- the socialists got Glenn! Quick, grab the shotguns and that case of Slim Jims, THIS IS IT! What's that sound? IS THAT HELICOPTERS?!"

It honestly would be the ultimate twist in the ongoing bit of David Lynchian theater Beck's been doing for months.


disputin said...

I still can't figure out who's better Steven Colbert or Glenn Beck. They both play it so well

Jeremy said...

I've decided that Glenn Beck and his ilk are all examples of what I like to call insan-o-tainment

Mas Triste said...

Beck's an ass. But he is no better or worse than Hannity, et al.

The left's new infatuation with him stems directly from the fact that he is a 5PM ratings bonanza.

Somebody is watching and listening to him, but if you ignore him, he will go back to what he was when he left CNN; unemployed and irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck would be one scary-ass liberal.

Stephen said...

I can't even look at him because he looks like the mayor from Carter Country.

Handle it Roy, Handle it!

Benoit from Ottawa said...

It may be more likely that he'll start his own church.

Bill White said...

Glenn simply tells it like it is. I feel a connection because we were both on the drink. OK, we cry about the things that we care about and y'all know what that is of late: Obamacare. They want to raid the military and Medicare to pay for this Big Gov't Socialistic program. Huh, you said Medicare, Bill! Well, I'll never use that, but my mama + pappy uses it so don't mess with it Hussein Nobama! OK, you 9-10 McFlys better not say that the military is a Big Gov't program! Don't go there. We need a strong military that stares down our enemies. Now I don't read much. That's for pretty boys like that homosexual Seacrest kid on that goofy talent show. But, this guy Milt in town told me to read this great Wall Street Journal article about a possible President Cheney!!!!! Whoo-hooo!!!!Why didn't I think of that: Cheney/Huckabee 2012. Sorry Sarah, maybe you could be secy of state + clean up lesbian Hillary's mess (I confess I get lust in my pants from seeing Hillary in those suitpants, but the I remember she's a mad Socialist). Anyway, here's the article: