Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quote of the Week

"On one final note, I received a few letters asking me if I was aware when I wrote my Goldman piece that there actually is such an animal as a vampire squid, and if perhaps I’m not sorry now to have defamed this beautiful animal. The answer is yes (I’d seen documentaries) and yes. Apologies to Vampyroteuthis infernalis (literally, the vampire squid from hell)."

-- Matt Taibbi, apologizing to the vampire squid for having compared Goldman Sachs to it in his scathing piece in the early-July issue of Rolling Stone

(h/t The Daily Banter)


Izar Talon said...

Matt Taibbi's articles SERIOUSLY tempt me to get a subscription to Rollin Stone, but I still just can't get past the fact that it seems like for every page of content in the magazine, there's like a page and a half of advertisements.

And I absolutely refuse to pay for a magazine that has so many advertisements. I won't claim to know how magazine advertisement revenues work, but Rolling Stone has so many goddamn ads that it just has to make so much damn money from advertising that the subscriptions should be all but free. I mean, seriously, the ad vs content ration is like 50/50. Every time I try to read an issue I just get disgusted at the number of ads in it. Yeah, it's a good magazine, but I get fed up with the fucking greed the level of ads represents. If I pay for a magazine I'm paying for a fucking MAGAZINE, not goddamn advertisement circular.

And yet again, it won't let me log into my account, and instead if gives me a "Bad Request" error page.

-Izar Talon

Anonymous said...

Matt Taibbi is the only good thing left in Rolling Stone.

Also, Chez, I wanted to point out a song someone passed to me, as I've enjoyed so much of the music you've posted. Maybe you're familiar with this one, but in any case, I think it's pretty beautiful.