Monday, July 20, 2009

Listening Post

The Killers have always been kind of hit or miss for me. Their good stuff is very, very good -- they're not-so-good stuff is incredibly average and often vastly overrated.

All of that said, this is seriously one of the 10 best singles of the 00s.

Live from the annual "T in the Park" concert in Scotland, here's All These Things That I've Done.


Sean said...

In my less-than-humble opinion, the best song The Killers have ever done--ever--is only available on the limited edition of Hot Fuss.

"Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll."

Man, do I wish they'd expanded on this sound with their latter work.

E said...

^ that is a great song.

This is what I tell my friends who dismiss The Killers right off the bat. About two songs an album click perfectly, infinitely listenable.

My hard to please music loving brother claims their music is spot on, but their lyrics can't always catch up.

slouchmonkey said...

This and Mr. BrightSide. Thumbs up.

MataHari said...

Thanks for posting this song! I was making a cd for a friend of mine and this was one of my first choices.

Nicole said...

One of my favorite songs, on one of the rare occasions that our musical tastes overlap.

blackbird said...

I never tire of this song. Or Mr Brightside.