Thursday, July 02, 2009

Listening Post

This song is positively soul-wrenching to begin with, but this intimate, stripped-down version -- from the studios of KCRW in Los Angeles, the best radio station in the country as far as I'm concerned -- is just beyond words.

If you can make it through this without tearing up, even a little bit, you've got a stronger constitution than I do.

Here's Sia's Breathe Me.


Tara Parker said...

Wow. Excellent song. Thanks again, Chez.

Red Headed Mama said...

Nothing like crying into a bowl of Raisin Bran at 7 in the morning, eh?

Thanks for posting this rendition, I hadn't been lucky enough to come across it until now. I first heard it on the season finale of Six Feet Under, and have been in love with it since.

Hope you're hanging in there, sweetie.

threv said...

excellent, as always. sia is amazing.

if it wasn't for WREK, KCRW would be the finest radio station.

otherwise, enjoy the best life has to offer. you deserve it, chez.

gina said...

oh, i love sia. i was just watching her amazing video for "soon we'll be found." then i found the live version from her appearance on the david letterman show god. what a genius, and she Brings It live.