Thursday, July 16, 2009

Listening Post

As you nice folks know, I rarely post concert bootlegs, for obvious reasons. But this one looks and sounds remarkably good -- and, sorry, but you can never get enough Hayley Williams

Here's Paramore doing their new single live.

This is Ignorance.

(By the way, no it's not your imagination; yes I've been pretty scarce over the past couple of days. Hope to be back up to full capacity around here soon. Thank you for your patronage.)


Ally said...

Love, love, LOVE Paramore. Misery Business will be on my playlist for all eternity.

Anonymous said...

Ally, I know of Paramore fans who would lynch you for that statement. I'm not necessarily one of them.

And I loves me some Hay-Hay <3.

420Jon69 said...

i'm the one who filmed this performance. glad you guys like it. i'm gonna catch them on wed the 22nd and try n film that one too