Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Infamous Mr. Ed

Man, Ed Rendell is so screwed -- literally.

I don't normally listen to Opie & Anthony looking for breaking news, but astonishingly that's what I just got. A few minutes ago, the cast of the show on Sirius XM radio were interviewing Kristin Davis -- not the one from Sex and the City, the former Manhattan Madam who spent four months in Rikers in connection with the Eliot Spitzer hooker scandal from last year. There's been quite a bit of speculation that her operation at one time serviced another high-profile governor, besides Spitzer, and up until now she's been largely quiet about just who that governor is.

Well, during the interview, she admitted that someone she called "Governor X" employed her services at least ten times during a year-and-a-half period. She apparently wrote his name down on a piece of paper and showed it to Opie and Anthony, who then proceeded to spend the next ten minutes dropping hints that a 4-year-old could've deciphered.

"What, did he pay her in coal and steel?"

"I guess he had a little filly on the side."

"Did he used to be an Eagles scout?"

The whole thing ended with show regular Jim Norton making a hysterical Freudian slip during the plugs for his upcoming gigs.

"I'll be in Pennsylvania this weekend," he said, then corrected himself to the sound of everyone's laughter.

Bottom line: power up the phony contrition machine and the media pile-on -- things are about to get interesting.

Gawker: Who Is America's Other Hooker-Nailing Governor?/7.20.09


kanye said...

With any luck his partner in crime, Chuck Schumer, will go down with him.

Who knows, maybe he already has.

Che Grovera said...

Oh my fucking God. Literally. Spitzer, Sanford, Rendell...and whoever's next. Call the Scandal Squad 'cuz we have a crisis.

Meanwhile, those non-fucking (that anyone cares to prove) chaste paragons of virtue -- but otherwise heartless killers -- called Bush and Cheney continue to glide under the public radar.

SteveR said...

What would Uncle Walter say?

Deacon Blue said...

Is there no honor among madames anymore?

What ever happened to the time honored high-level sex work code about keeping the little black book private?

Shit, this kind of thing is going to keep me entirely too faithful to my wife should I ever become rich and famous.

VOTAR said...

Really at this point it's just a matter of time until the veil of snickering Victorian faux prudence drops to the floor like a hooker's panties and prostitution will finally be legalized.

**rubs hands together, wonders how much he can get at the pawn shop for the flat screen t.v.**

Web Dunce said...

I'm not saying that it's not plausible because it totally is. Yet another slime ball politician caught with his pants down (yawn). But come on. If this madam already served the time and the investigation has been wrapped up don't you think we would have heard about Rendell by now? Unless there is real proof - as in the Spitzer case - Rendell can very well sue for slander. And for the record - I don't think Spitzer should have resigned, and from what I've read, most of the state of NY agrees with me!

PsychoPoet said...

Hot shit, That's my Gov! He's a term limited lame duck anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yep, unfortunately he's one of my bosses and our governor too...and if the budget debacle in our lovely state isn't bad this.

Never ceases to amaze me how idiotic he can be...between saying that state workers (like me) should get statues of him to put on our mantles for his work/efforts on getting banks/credit unions to give us loans..because WE don't have a state budget...just add this to the ongoing laundry list of his horrid decisions, his insistence on using state workers as pawns, and so much more...

Nicole said...

I don't really care if Fast Eddie did it or not, I love him. Even if that makes me a brainless twat.

Adrienne Saia said...

But the phucked up thing about PA is that we might high-five him for it instead of having it ruin his political career.

That, and if he rigs the NFL and the Eagles play the Steelers in the Superbowl. Sports championships can forgive a lot of wrongdoing where I'm from.

Go Phils.

babita781 said...

Remember that sketch on SNL? Will Forte as the candidate whose genitals had been burned off in a fire, and therefore literally could not cheat on his wife!

Tracer Bullet said...

Honestly, who gives a shit? It's not like we're going to walk in on him some night and catch him signing bills in Ohio. Where he sticks his dick is his wife's problem so long as he isn't spending tax money.

Anonymous said...

The media in PA is so in Rendell's pocket (especially the Phila. Inquirer) there's not even a blurb about this connection.

Eddie has been screwing other politician's wives...just ask Bill DeWeese about his Ex.

Jeff said...

Maybe Obama should start working on the 'tough' problems for real 'change', instead of just taking our money. Maybe he should be a real man and take on corruption at all levels (politicians, unions, insurance companies, CEO's).

Anonymous said...

Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign! Rendell Resign!

Anonymous said...

At least she got paid when he screwed her. There's 77,000 people here in PA he's been screwing since July 1 and hasn't paid for it a single time. Hmph. Paid? He isn't even taking us to dinner. Told us to go to food banks instead.

Anonymous said...

The issue here isn't that someone is screwing prostitutes. I could give a shit about that.

The real issue is that politicians who control our tax dollars and lives are doing illegal acts which will put them on the hook for blatant/subtle political blackmail.

It's the oldest trick in the lobbyists' handbook. Compromise a politician with a prostitute and you will have him forever dancing to your tune with OUR $$$$$.

Any politician D or R who is unethical and stupid enough to open themselves up to this potential should be forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what uncle louie or big billy have 2 say or gay mello

Chuck Sorenson said...

In decadent Europe and despotic Russia, banging a mistress or a high-order call girl is a badge of honor, because it shows the populace that the politician has cojones and knows how to use them.

The real hypocrisy in you Yanks is that you take all this moralistic umbrage over this stuff, as you go about cheating on your own wives, patronising your local hookers, renting and supporting the porn industry that exploits women and girls.

Rendell is a big man with big appetites. That is no crime, and it is certainly no sin.

So quit your whining already.

P.S. Any civil servant who didn't have a rainy day fund of his or her own can't really point an accusing finger at the Gov over this budget knew this was coming, and you knew that America's bubble economy wouldn't last, but you cashed in your home equity and ran up huge credit debits whilst trying to "keep up with the Joneses." You reap what you sow.

P.P.S. I really have to laugh at all those AFSCME and SEIU members who mindlessly voted for Rendell, knowing all along what he did to the city workers and firefighters in Philadelphia when he served as mayor there. Surely you must have known that he would use you as chess pieces in the budget fights with the General Assembly!

Yet if there is blame to go around for this pesent fiasco, it lies mainly with the General Assembly, who had months and months to prepare the BFY09 appropriations, yet they did nothing until the midnight hour.

Political corruption is mother's milk to democracy. Get used to it.

Eric Dondero said...

You all are right. Who gives a scheisser.

Problem is Fast Eddie once made some disparaging remarks about legalized prostitution. He compared it to legalizing "contract killing."

The hypocrite label comes into play, which makes it a worthy story for coverage.

If he had been a libertarian Republican in favor of prostitution, that would be different.

Dan said...

I like ed more all the time

Anonymous said...

Chuck Sorenson,

Go home to your fatherland. Is the "woodka" to expensive there that you have come to leach off the honest citizens of the US?

And Nicole, yes, that makes you a twat. Eddie's twat, perhaps?

I wonder what Marjorie thinks about all of this.

Rendell, you are a worthless piece of shit. I hope someone pops you in the balls, then in the eye, and leaves you for maggot bait in some scum-tainted gutter for the rats to devour and crap on. It's what you deserve!

Chris Montoya said...

Yes Nicole, you are a brainless twat who is obviously way too busy doing her nails and hair like a California valley girl to have a clue of life on this planet. Anyone who could say they love this fat piece of trash should be taken out and shot. I'm sure Nicole it will be no loss to American civilization if this happened to you.

As for Chuck Sorenson, if that's his real name, some things you say are valid about how people and the unions should have used Filthadelphia as a guide. However, Rendell's rude and nasty comments and the people and single parents suffering now who can't afford to pay their bills is way too harsh. some people can't put any money aside to have a "nest egg", as you claim they should. Divorces, deaths and deadbeat dads all add to this, not to mention, the ever growing rate of inflation. The affected state employees are not to blame. I didn't vote for Rendell and most of my friends who work for the state did not vote for him either. They dealt with 4 years of corruption and whether the unions supported him or not, that does not mean the individual state workers did. You obviously are on the same mental wave length as Nicole to think that people blindly follow the unions when they vote. Trust me Chuckie, they don't. The state employees did not want a second 4-year term with this monster. Get out in the real world. You are obviously one of those types who can also be brainwashed by your government and its lies and are not a free thinker. Have some compassion and not be such a miserable fuck. Just because the budget doesn't directly concern nor affect you, does not mean it's right. Do you have a friend in the world? With that attitude, I highly doubt it.

Chris Montoya said...

Sign this and e-mail it to as man people as you can. 20,000 official signatures are all that is needed to get the ball rolling and institute official procceedings/votong for Rendell to be removed from office. Spread the word! Even if you want to remain anonymous, your e-mail address counts as a vote.

Anonymous said...

Fast Eddie is paying High priced Hookers while screwing all the state employees out of a pay check.....typical.

Kyle said...

Why does everyone blame budget issues solely on the Governor? Doesn't the rest of the state congress have any responsibility?

I'm glad to see folks are getting paid now, but why are there no complaints about lawmakers not making concessions to meet Rendell in the middle.

Maybe it's just easier to say his name than the 273 members of the General Assembly?