Monday, July 27, 2009

Familiar Ground

Pulled into Atlanta at 6:15PM, 510 miles into my journey.

This is an interesting place for me. Jayne and I lived here for a full year back in 2004 and, as much as each of us complained about it not being New York, we really enjoyed our quality of life during the stay. Traveling through here after all this time -- seeing the places we used to visit and even driving past the loft building we once called home -- stirs a whole lot of emotions in your humble narrator.

For the moment, I've set up shop in an inexpensive hotel not far from our old neighborhood (simply because it's centralized) and I'm getting ready to see a couple of old and new friends. Once again, I'm doing quite a bit of thinking about where I was just a year ago: Jayne would go into labor just a little over 24-hours from now. But while I'm here, I'm also considering something else: What would've happened if we'd never left this place to go back to New York? What if I'd turned down CNN's offer to move up north and had chosen instead to continue with my very nice gig as senior producer of CNN Live Today -- with our very comfortable life here in Atlanta?

A hell of a lot of "what-ifs."

Oh and by the way, on my way in here a couple of guys -- one big and fat, the other almost a midget, both dressed like indentical twin cowboys -- offered me $80,000 to go pick up a load of Coors in Texarkana, Texas and bring it back here for them in a little over 24 hours.

Think I'll take them up on it.


Stephen said...

Big Enos Burdette...B E R...hell i got ta go!!!

randy said...

a thousand lines running through my head!

Sheriff Bart said...

Watch out for them Kojacks with Kodaks and keep your ears on.

Anonymous said...

How long are you planning on staying in the ATL? Haven't seen you since '87... It'd be good to catch up. Chris

Anonymous said...

I loved that show! I knew I was friends with you for a reason ;-)


Fungi said...

Oh I love your suits. It must have been a bitch to get a 68 Extra Fat and a 12 Dwarf.

-sum bitch