Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birth-Brains 2: The Wrath of Dobbs

And the hits just keep on coming.

Rather than put the video up myself, I'm just going to refer you to Cesca, who did more than just post a clip of The Daily Show's epic takedown of (stop me if you've heard this one before) the laughably stupid "birther" controversy last night; he's also inviting intelligent folks everywhere to write to Lou Dobbs -- the target of Jon Stewart's on-air assault and a guy who claims to still not be convinced about the whole Obama birth certificate thing -- to express their collective outrage.

You have to see the clip to believe it: Stewart, through nothing more than a juxtaposition of irrationally contradictory soundbites from CNN, manages to sum up the jaw-dropping insanity that goes hand-in-hand with any perpetuation of the utterly debunked myth that Barack Obama isn't a U.S. citizen.

What's worth elaborating on when it comes to Lou Dobbs's alliance with the birther movement, though, is this: There's just no way Dobbs really believes the horseshit he's spouting in this case. He may be a demagogic buffoon; he may even enjoy playing the fascist paranoiac afraid of Mexicans infiltrating his precious bodily fluids; but he's by no means a blithering idiot. There's simply no way Dobbs is dumb enough to believe that Barack Obama isn't a U.S. citizen -- or even that the jury is still out on the issue. Like a lot of the nonsense Lou Dobbs spews, this is simply another case of a popular talking head knowing his audience and playing it like a badly tuned fiddle. Like O'Reilly, Beck -- hell, even Olbermann -- and their ilk, Dobbs's chief interest isn't being right or even smart; it's keeping viewers coming back every night. The bigger his audience, the more money he makes.

It's burlesque -- and that's pretty much all it is.

Dobbs is basically bitching to hear himself bitch -- and the more people willing to listen, the better. What he's saying barely matters, as long as targets of his populist bluster eat it up and beg for more.

Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!: Lou Dobbs and Birther Nonsense/7.23.09

(Update: I always hate when I miss the opportunity to throw out a really good line, especially if it's a relatively obvious one. To wit, the Huffington Post implies that Dobbs thinks of Barack Obama as the ultimate undocumented worker. Perfect.)


NinjaMom said...

I want to see Lou Dobbs' birth certificate.

When it comes to illegal immigration, I think the lady doth protest too much.

Bill White said...

Sorry Chez, but Lou's right. We still don't know if Lil Hussein was born here. I actually saw a Kenyan birth certificate on a Web site. This Stewart fella is all up in arms over Lou's coverage of this, but it's important that we know if the leader of this country was actually born here.
My church group thinks that there's an inside job going on with Hussein bringing in the Jihadists who will start to off the Hebrews in the administration starting with the Emmanuel guy and then branching out from D.C. and all over the country. Then like Hitler, the Jihadists will expand their reign of terror to Christians, oil producing Muslims and just about anyone who doesn't agree with their brand of religion.
Good patriots like Lou, Sean, Glenn, Rush, Ann and Laura fear for this country's future and we will do anything to protect our freedoms.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

It's amazing how many talking heads, pundits, buffoons and hatespews your sentence applies to (pardon the adaptations): "____ is basically bitching to hear him(her)self bitch -- and the more people willing to listen, the better. What (s)he's saying barely matters, as long as targets of his(her) populist bluster eat it up and beg for more."


VOTAR said...

I'm sitting here at the food court of Dallas Fort Worth Airport (FAA callsign: DALLAS FUCKTHEWHAT). I'm wondering how loud I can laugh at this here before some shit kicker in a 10 gallon cowboy hat spits a wad of chaw'ing tobackee in my face.

Anonymous said...

Ok.. The stamp of stupidity has finally been placed on this whole controversy. Bill White has given us his opinion.

The Manimal said...

That's just where you're wrong Chez: Lou Dobbs is a blithering idiot. Otherwise, he would understand that while he is profiting himself in the short term, he is hurting America in the long term.

Capt. Assclown said...

Bill White said: "I actually saw a Kenyan birth certificate on a Web site."

Bill's got a point. I actually saw a photo of my penis next to a ruler on a Web site showing that my manhood was 12 inches long. (Coincidentally that was right after I Photoshopped and uploaded it)

Milton said...

i'm sorry, but you Amreicans are so funny... i'm from Brazil, but my dad is an American citizen, and i lived 4 years in the US when i was young and another 3 years after i was already married, so i do have an acquaintance with the American way of life. and don't get me wrong, contrary to a lot of my fellow Brazilian citizens, i love the US of fucking A (with all of its wrongs and rights). but the fact that there is such a big deal over Obama's birth certificate, to me is completely ridiculous. last night i saw a video on youtube of some republican convention where a woman stands up and starts yelling about how Obama is from Kenya and that her dad fought on world war II and that she wants her country back... she wants it back from whom? from where? from what? from blacks? from jews? from aliens? from banks? if its the latter i completely agree. if its from the rest... these people are all nut cases! and i don't know how you, normal, logical, inteligent beings that live in the northern hemisphere of the american continent seem to comply to this sort of irrational, moronic, retarded, idiotic, stupid behavior. it is beyond my capacity of comprehension. democracy works when there are no fundamentalists. when you put hatred, bigotry, racismm, idiocy and radicalism into that equation democracy becomes a two edged sword. yeah, yeah... i know... we haven't found a better system yet... but i sometimes worry that the US might become a Venezuelan type of "democracy", where a dictator (Hugo Chavez) uses democratic means to achieve totalitarian ends (which is basically what Bush did for 8 years). yes, you guys did elect the first black western president in the world (and it was great!), but you also have some of the most radical and stupid right wingers in the world... and seriously, you have to get rid of all these religious radical right winger nutcases, who think the world was created 6.000 years ago and that we lived with dinosaurs! i mean... even in a country, like Brazil, where you can still find voodo-like worship in cross roads, generally that concept is considered ridiculous and it carries no weight at all. it's not even up for discussion. as for the president's birth certificate... hell, even if he was born in Kenya, or Somalia, or fucking Afghanistan he is still way, way, waaayyyyyy better than Bush. for all i care he could come from Guantanamo!

Mart said...

Will journalists ever understand why comedian Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman in America? Will they ever care?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. It seems someone at CNN watched the Daily Show.

CNN President Jon Klein wrote an email last night to "Lou Dobbs Tonight" staffers telling them the Obama birth certificate story is "dead," TVNewser reports.

Deacon Blue said...


The American heroes you refer to are Lou Ferrigno, Sean Young, Glenn Close, the band Rush, Ann Landers and Laura Ashley, right?

Kevin M. Hagerman said...

Fire up the G. Gordon obits. The man has always been quick-witted and delightful in his rightwingnuttedness. That's over. The Liddy of ten years ago would have rather died than deteriorate into what I saw on Hardball.

Matt Osborne said...

You're right; Dobbs and Hannity don't believe any of this nonsense. They're spouting Teh Wacky™ in a deliberate appeal for ratings.