Monday, June 29, 2009

Sometime to Return

A heads-up from Malcontent Central: I just got back from my weekend trip to New York to see my daughter -- but I'm wisely going to take the rest of the day to decompress.

Things should be back to full capacity, or close to it anyway, tomorrow.

Thank you for your patronage.


BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

If you feel like it, go over to Hey Rosetta's site (; their whole new album will play once you're on.

You may enjoy it. They're Canadian and "indie"; they've been breaking out for about a year.

(Stricty speaking, their name is Hey Rosetta!)


Bill Orvis White said...

Sometimes you have to get away from it all, Chez. I just got back with the boys from a weekend of collecting road kill throughout lower Tennessee and much of Mississippi.
We missed church, but had a great prayer breakfast over in Chunky, MS with Rev. Jeb T. Stoner. We're praying that this Cap and Trade nonsense fails just as much as this Godless president already has and will continue to fail.
Rev. Stoner just came back from a mission over in Secular Europe. He told us that he feels down and out after seeing a bunch of far left-wing radical nutcases in Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands engage in casual sex and drug use. Rev. Stoner told me that he "took notes" -- whatever that means. I'm afraid we're headed in the same direction as Godless Secular Europe. We all cried about this and more while I was roasting some raccoon in an open fire for dinner on Sunday.
I'm thinking of taking the boys to Honduras. Those people need some of our religious teachings while things are going haywire throughout the towns. I have a feeling that they'll love ole Bill White -- especially my good friend of 12 years that I met on another mission, Monica (she says it so cute: Moh-nee-kah).

em said...

Hope you had a good visit with Inara, Chez.

Mas Triste said...

'member that whole 'marriage' discussion?

The commitment you have made to that beautiful little girl is so much stronger that anything I am sure you have ever imagined. I know mine changed my life.

By the way, each day just gets better.

You're a good man, Chez.

margo said...

Happy belated fathers day, rest well

Mart said...

While relaxing read the latest Rolling Stone and enjoy Tiabbi waxing poetic once again. (Don't think it is online yet. Ignore the cover.)

"The Wall Street Bubble Mafia"

"How Goldman Sachs took over Washington by engineering every major market manipulation since the Great Depression."

By Matt Taibbi

It is so depressing that there are only a handful of reporters that cover what is important, rather than sex scandels and pop stars. Tiabbi is equally critical of bought and sold congress people and administrations from Clinton to Obama. He recounts Goldman Sachs and the Government's participation in five bubbles, and then predicts the next bubble.

Welcome to the United States of Goldman Sachs.

Chez said...

Read it on the flight up. Infuriating stuff.

celery said...

hope you had a great time with your sweet daughter.

Deacon Blue said...

Bill, I would like to send you as my emissary to all your F-350 driving friends and remind them that the Republicans have touted cap and trade with emissions, too. They often see it as a free market way to encourage some to pollute less so that they can sell credits to the jerks who want to pollute more.

See you are the next revival meeting...

Oh, and Chez, welcome back.