Monday, June 15, 2009

Quote of the Week (And It's Only Monday)

"I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors -- probably harmless."

-- GOP activist Rusty DePass (and doesn't the name just say it all?) in a comment posted on Facebook; the "it" he's referring to is a gorilla that escaped from a zoo in South Carolina, while the "Michelle" is Michelle Obama

When cornered, DePass of course blamed the racist slur on Michelle Obama herself, saying, "The comment was hers, not mine," and claiming that the first lady had once remarked that human beings descended from apes. (Needless to say, no one's been able to find an instance of her saying any such thing.)

I've already spoken my mind ad nauseam about these rotten assholes and what they've been allowed to get away with. (I think calling the first black first lady of the United States a gorilla reaches entire new depths of disgraceful.) But the Booman Tribune takes the words right out of my mouth when it comes to the implications of inflammatory Republican rhetoric like this:

"They are who we thought they were. Plain and simple... Nasty, racist, hateful, dangerous idiots. And because our media lets them get away with it, they grow more emboldened by the day. And don't tell me this has nothing to do with the increasing violence and threats of violence against liberals, minorities, gays, etc. This is precisely the dehumanizing, demonizing speech which creates a climate which encourages the fringe elements of the right wing to take matters into their own hands, literally by pulling the triggers of guns aimed at people they have been told are subhuman, unworthy of their respect. The implicit message, the subtext of all this ugly language being thrown around by the representatives of the Republican Party and the conservative movement is that rage, hatred and yes, even violence, is an acceptable tactic to employ to fight back against Democrats, and especially President Obama and his supporters.

I remember a time when The Republican Senate Majority Leader was forced to resign for his comments praising Strom Thurmond's run for President as a Dixiecrat. I guess Republicans and conservatives feel less shame now that they are out of power and a Black Man is President. Now it's anything goes. They call him a Marxist. A Muslim. A Terrorist. A Fascist. A Dictator. A man out to destroy America. A man who isn't a real American, who wasn't born in America. Who wants to take away all your Guns. The Anti-Christ in brown colored flesh."

(h/t Cesca)


Anonymous said...

And its all true, not one main stream outlet would dare post or say something like this for all to hear.

Narbe said...

These idiots are THE example of those in every species that don't evolve and normally would get left behind if it weren't for the highly unfortunate fact that stupid people recklessly multiply like rabbits relative to intelligent ones.

Lily's Mommy said...

This is why that whole thing about why the neo-nazis are considered right wing vs left wing was such a crock of shit. Most of the right seem to be bigoted assholes. Collectively and individually. :P

gina said...

this man needs to be run out of town on a rail. how fucking shameful of him.

*spits on ground*

Anonymous said...

Enough. I'm sick of this hate-spew. These people need to crawl back into their caves and stay away. Forever.

Cesca once again says it exceedingly well, and powerfully.

Anonymous said...

well, obviously dePass is descended from the ASS. a big gapping one.

QuickBrownFox said...

What a racist piece of filth. It's hard to imagine, but I do know black Americans who voted for George W. Bush twice...

How are there still black Republicans anyway? Is there an "off switch" for perceiving reality Michael Steele?

To paraphrase Kanye West, "Republicans don't like Black People."

Chris said...

These people should be called out and shamed in every media outlet. Racist bigotry such as this should have a spotlight drawn on it. How does someone like Rusty DePass get to keep their job after such behaviour?

Anonymous said...

Chez says:

"I've already spoken my mind ad nauseam about these rotten assholes and what they've been allowed to get away with. (I think calling the first black first lady of the United States a gorilla reaches entire new depths of disgraceful.)"

Give me a break! You've more than "mocked" a sitting President, Vice President, as well as a recent female VP candidate (to remain nameless,) but saying something racially stupid about our current First Lady is wrong? Why, just because she happens to be black?

Umm, Okay, bad example. Even more to the point, you've likened Sarah Jessica Parker to a "HORSE" on several occasions. Now YOU want to cry foal, I mean foul?

Whether or not any of the insults thrown their way are accurate or deserved, doesn't make it any more or less right or wrong.

I suppose it feels different now, when the person(s) being mocked is YOUR personal choice, doesn't it?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. (Pun intended.)

So the guy is a loudmouth tool, (but you can be too,) and paying him any mind validates his (stupid) existence in some circles, (as we have done for you.)

Just saying,


P.S. I doubt if you'll retract or apologize to SJP now, huh? I didn’t think so.

Chez said...

You're REALLY equating Sarah Jessica Parker with Michelle Obama?

Jeremy said...

Anon 5:18
A horse is a horse (of course, of course). But blatantly racists rhetoric? Well, that's a horse of a different color.

(I was going to go into the difference between mocking a media whore whose television show seemed bent on single-handedly dragging the feminist movement back 40 years and attacking the educated wife of a politician based on the color of her skin, but then I thought "neigh.")

Anonymous said...

Actually, yeah, anony is making a valid comparison, not a moral equivalency.

What this racist fuck said is beyond deplorable, but before we crowd ourselves upon the moral highorse, please reflect that there was 8+ years of attributable, nasty shit said about Condalezza Rice, Alberto Gonzales,George "the chimp" Bush, etc... Still is in fact. And yes, there are documented instances of it coming from ranking political officials.
Even denying that both sides of the aisle can spew their own flavor of crap, under the guise of "mockery" diminishes your given ability to point out bullshit when you see it.

Caveat' it with "Listen, I know that political debates can result in some nasty shit being said, but this....." and you distinguish.

The "they" and "we" crap is exactly that;crap. Hell, search your own archives.

Anonymous said...

Look, calling someone who is intellectually inferior a chimp may be mean, but lets be honest, it wasn't hate, it was the truth.

Chez said...

I'm usually pretty good about toeing the line that anyone and everyone can be made fun of -- particularly political figures (as a few of you have so notably pointed out).

What I think distinguishes this kind of language from the usual brand of mockery is actually two-fold. First, by way of example: If Sarah Jessica Parker were black, I wouldn't call her a monkey; it's one thing to pick on her because I don't think she's particularly attractive, but another thing entirely to fling racial slurs at someone. (And speaking of checking the archives -- seriously, so back and count the number of times I've accused someone of blatant racism. It almost never happens.) Secondly, and I've said this over and over again lately, you have to take into account the way your comment will be taken by your audience. This is largely a comedy sight -- at least that's the way I look at it. Jesus, take a look at the tagline directly below the masthead. When I slam a politician or a celebrity -- or both in the case of Sarah Palin -- it's usually a caustic joke in keeping with the theme of this site. I damn sure don't expect the readers to immediately go grab a gun and try to shoot Sarah Jessica Parker, as the people who follow DXM aren't really that type. But to deny the climate that's being created by the bullhorns on the right at the moment is shockingly irresponsible. I'm obviously not being PC and saying that the Obamas are above being joked about or made fun of -- but given what we've witnessed lately, the kind of unrestrained vitriol turning to actual violence from the right, I think the Booman Tribune's assessment is pretty spot on.

There are some things you just don't say and keep your credibility: making a racist crack about the first lady is probably up there. Once again, doesn't mean you don't have the right to say it -- just means that no one should take you seriously and you should be publicly castigated if you do. The right's not doing that with DePass because it has no fucking shame these days.

Ref said...

The derogatory comment here about Republican politicians during the last eight years had to do with their words and their actions, not their racial background. Me, I hope Depass keeps on talking. That hole just keeps getting deeper

Jeremy said...

Anon 6:40

It is one thing to criticize someone based on policy and ideology.

It is QUITE another to make racial slurs. That is the big difference.

The Obama policies are not above questioning. But dismissing someone based on race? Well... if you can't understand the difference, there is no need to waste my breathe on it.

Anonymous said...

Pronouncements of "the right" as being all racists cannot be made with any intellectual honesty unless you are willing to submit yourself to being characterized as being in league with some of the fucksticks that reside in the 10% of your own ideological ilk.

You can't paint generalization with broad strokes and then bitch when you get splatter on your clothes.

Self actualization is liberating.

Chez said...

Wow. Thanks for that patronizing pearl of wisdom, Maslow.

strangelittlegirl said...

You know where I think the problem lies? In perception. The right needs some new mouthpieces - right now the right is represented by ignorant simpletons and the occasional nutjob (the Roeders and Von Brunns). Everytime an idiot like DePass comes out with something disgusting like this, or a Von Brunn comes along I cringe and wait for the inevitible insinuation, nee, declaration that if you are a conservative you are a rascist, amongst many other things. Which is simply not true. These idiots on Fox News, Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, George W...they do not represent the conservatives that I know! In fact, I never voted for G.W. and I am a registered Repub.

So let's call these *individual* twits out for their dispicable actions - not an entire group of people, ok? Cause, despite Lily's Mommy's huge generalization, I am not a "bigoted asshole" thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know you are just kidding about all that stuff you say about Sarah Palin. (I was worried you were mean.) Perspective is the key.

My family has farms in West Tenn. Obion, Lake, Haywood, Tipton, Fayette, etc. counties are hunters' havens. The people who live there are mostly white, hard-working, very conservative and dangerously independent. (For decades no prosecutor could get a West Tenn. jury to convict the most obviously guilty person of tax evasion or fraud.) These people are heavily armed.

Shelby County and Memphis is a veritable gangland. The people who live here are mostly black, either hard-working or unemployed, very liberal and dangerously dependent on a belief that the government will provide. They too are heavily armed. (On the Fourth of July it will sound like a major battle in a war zone around here.)

Memphis has a huge murder rate. Rural West Tennessee does not. Is it because Memphians are black or liberal? No - it's likely because there is a higher level of poor people here who have a higher level of mental health disorders. As West Tennesseans lose work and control of their lives, physical assaults may increase there too. But not because they are conservative kooks who listen to Bill O'Reilly.

There are almost 400 million people in this country and you are going off the deep end over 2 recent shootings. Just like the Berenstein Bears, you are watching TOO MUCH T.V.!

Che Grovera said...

Uh, to the DePass apologist(s) posting under various shades of Anonymous: your boy DePass was Chairman of the South Carolina Elections Commission for seven years -- do you honestly believe that it is insignificant for a person with that kind of authority to hold the view that black people are equivalent to gorillas? The issue is accountability, and the difference between DePass as a keeper of the public trust and Chez as a keeper of his own incomity is a stark one. The comment by this buffoon DePass is intellectually indefensible, and anyone who would attempt to defend it is deficient in honesty, civility, empathy, or some combination thereof.

Master Mahan said...

...please reflect that there was 8+ years of attributable, nasty shit said about Condalezza Rice, Alberto Gonzales,George "the chimp" Bush, etc...

Yes, there were insulting things said about Condoleezza Rice. Yes, George W. Bush was compared to a chimp. Here's the thing, though: I never heard anyone on the left compare Condoleezza Rice to a chimp.

Really, you can't pretend that comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla is the same as comparing Sarah Jessica Parker to a horse just because both connect a famous woman with an animal.

Neuroskeptic said...

I love how when this kind of thing happens there are always some clowns who come out of the woodwork to defend it, now matter how ridiculous it makes them seem.

Trail In Progress said...


You know I like this site and most of the things you have to say. But is blatant racism more or less different than blatant prejudice?

(you said "And speaking of checking the archives -- seriously, so back and count the number of times I've accused someone of blatant racism. It almost never happens.")

But what about blatant prejudice? You openly pick and laugh at Sarah Palin's son w/ Downs. And you've openly used the word "retard" and have picked on people (in politics and elsewhere) on this site and have suggested they're as smart as Palin's young son, etc.

I'm just saying. This is your site, and you can and should keep doing what you want with it. It certainly hasn't stopped me from coming by and reading every couple of days. However, I do have a hard time seeing any sort of obvious difference between saying something racist about someone because they are black or saying something prejudiced about someone because they developed in vivo with an extra chromosome.

Chez said...

Yup. That's fair.

Once again, though. This is kind of a no-holds-barred humor site.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gods, I love you people. This is why, one day, many moons ago, I cheerfully shrugged off my conservative upbringing and embraced my liberalness. THIS is debate. THIS is respect for others. THIS is democracy. (Group hug and *sigh* of gleeful appreciation.)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mahan,

My political ideology is so varied that it provides me an opportunity to surf many, many things; all with the understanding that the opions are as diverse as we are in this country.

This DePass asswipe can and will suffer a huge price for his racism, a racism that still runs very deep in many parts.

At the same time, I could scour the net for the Rice and Gonzales comments that were racist And they did, in fact, come from the left AND the right.

No one had R or D stamped on their birth certificate, but that is besides the orginal point.

The point was that DePass's comments are deplorable and should be denounced. However, before we paint roughly 50%of America with the same broad brush, it is important to recall the old saying: there comes a time in everyones life when they need to clean up their own backyard, before they go knocking on their neighbors door.

Jeremy said...

Oh apples and oranges, apples and oranges... how I love apples and oranges... which is exactly what all the anonymous sniping is.

Are there freaks on the left? Undoubtedly.
Do some "lefties" use their scorn for Israeli policies to thinly veil their own anti-semitism, or stand on a slippery slope of anti-semitism and intolerance?

Are we wrong for calling our DePass before we "get our own yard in order"?
Hell no.

Sure, our yard may be dirty. It may have a car up on blocks too.
But that ain't nearly the same as big stinking piles of shite.

You can darn sure bet that, no matter how messy my yard is, if my neighbor starts dumping stinky pig shit on it, I'm going to be knocking on his door.

But hey... you know... I'm hungry today. Keep the apples and oranges comparisons coming!

Anonymous said...

Now that we all recognize that apples do exist in the world, the point has effectively been made.

Oh...and my Daddy can beat up your Daddy...


Vermillion said...

Okay I must have missed something somewhere? What were these horrible jokes about Rice? The worst thing I can think of that anyone called her was Dubya's lover/real wife. As I remember it, she really didn't stick her chin out that much for people to swing at. And when she did, there was nary a racist peep.

As far as Chez's SJP jokes, again, not seeing the comparison. He freely admits thinks she looks like a horse, right? So the only way you can honestly compare the two is to freely admit you think Michelle Obama looks like a chimp. Is anyone going to do that? Hmmm? Speak up....

Otherwise, the comparison doesn't hold water. Chez's feelings about SJP don't stem form and racial or gender stereotypes or predjudices. He just hates that particular individual, and think that individual looks equine. Mr. DePass, on the other hand, makes a remark that is blatantly racist, and the only defense he can come up with is a phantom quote from the first lady which makes it okay. I just don't see the similarities beyond the superficial.

Anonymous said...

Okay V.

YOU have never seen it, or more importantly, you subjectively do not feel that way.

Therefore, it does not exist. Never happened. No one on the left EVER uttered racist comments about Rice, Powell, Gonzales, etc.. And they are all strong supporters of Isreal.

You are spot on. You never bother to give a critical look at anything outside of your own ideology, ergo; it does not exist.

Izar Talon said...

Anon 12:54-

So, not supporting Israel's actions against Palestine equals being antisemitic and racist, does it? Wow. Interesting thing to learn.

Blindly supporting Israel in everything it does has absolutely NOTHING to do with being antisemitic. And if it does then you really have absolutely no idea of what being racist means, and must have a horribly shallow understanding of human life altogether. Mouthing support of everything an ethnic group does, does not equal respecting and accepting them as a fellow person. And if you think that's the case then you're really just sad.

And who has said that no one on the Left ever said anything racist about Rice, or whoever? There are LOTS of supposed Lefties out there, and I'm sure someone who identifies themselves as Liberal said something racist. There are idiots on both sides. But I challenge you to cite a racist comment made by a well-known Liberal public figure. Show us. If such a comment was made, give us a link. And even if you can find one idiot who did make some comment, I really really challenge you to find just 1/10th as many racist comments made by Liberals as compared to Conservatives. Seriously. I'll even give you a dollar. If you can come up with links to Liberals making just 1/10 the number of racist comments as Conservatives, with links to both, I will give you a nice shiny dollar.

Here's a question for you: how many lynchings of black people have been done by Liberals compared with Conservatives? Just who is it that complains about interracial marriages? Who was it that opposed the end of segregation? Was it Liberals or Conservatives?

I am really getting fucking fed the fuck up with Conservatives pulling this absolute batshit insane bizarro universe reversal of trying to claim that Liberals are actually the racists or that Nazis were actually Leftist and all the while the Conservatives have been the champions of the oppressed and minorities. They spout this shit with one breath then they make a thinly veiled racist crack with the next. It's beyond fucking insulting.

Vermillion said...

Anon 12:54 PM:

Wow, I did not say it didn't happen. I simply said I hadn't heard anything like that which was claimed. I should have explicitly stated that I wanted someone to GIVE ME THE INFORMATION THAT I WAS MISSING. If someone was going to make such a claim, I wanted a little pit of proof A link. A video. A sound bite. Something.

Unless you have any of those things, it is going to be pretty hard to convince me of some racist element of the left targeting Condoleeza Rice due to her skin color.

As far as the other names you mention (and really, there aren't too many prominent minority conservatives), again, I have heard plenty of insults thrown at them, but they were more about ideology than race. In fact, most of the racist claptrap I have ever heard against Powell came from conservatives when he chose to endorse Obama.

And I have no idea what support for Israel has to do with anything I said, considering I never mentioned it.

But feel free to prove me wrong, since that is what I asked.

Tuba Terry said...

You know, it's always extremely frustrating when I hear "call out the individuals, not the party". The problem is, like it or not, those individuals at the top of your party are the ones representing you.
There is literally no organized dissent within your party, nobody calling them out for the fuckwads they are. Most lefties will gladly call out PETA for the batshit crazy things they say, but it seems like, at most, conservatives will just distance themselves from the crazy. Do the right thing, call a batshit-crazy loon a batshit-crazy loon, especially if said loon claims to speak on your behalf. If you're not willing to do at least that, you're just as complicit and I don't see anything wrong with lumping you in with them.

Ally said...

Late to the party again, but eh.

Foul. Foul with a capital "F".

I think Michelle Obama is hideous as far as preening around like a fake celeb, but I'd never allow anyone in my presence to make such a blatant racial slur against her.

For shame...and I'm a regular news person - why hasn't anyone picked up on this besides you, Chez? This deserves some major air time. She IS our First Lady. Every network should be calling for that asshat's head on a stick.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Republicans the ones who abolished slavery and a democratic south the ones who fought segregation?

I'll have to see what party Ike was in.

Or better yet, I will wait for the Robert Byrd archives to open to do my research.

Just pushing buttons. You are correct about the percentages and degrees,

But that was the point. There are no absolutes and broad generalizations cannot be defended.

You owe me a dollar

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW. I am NOT a Republican nor a Democrat.

But your attempts to paint me into a corner kind of proved my original point.

Broad generalizations cannot be supported when debated.

Vermillion said...

Anon 7:20: Ah, the old "Republicans freed the slaves" argument. Somehow a justification for all the modern-day racist asshattery. Because it isn't in any way possible, with the influx of new members over time, that the party could have CHANGED between now and then.

The other thing that proves is that you are severely ignorant of the origins of the modern day Republican and Democratic parties. They are remarkably different than they were even 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you asked for examples. I lowballed you; didn't actually give you endless Due Process cases pending, as well as many, many 15th as well.

But your broad generalizations have kind of proved my point.

If you chose to go through life pigeon holing people into tidy categories, there is nothing really left to be said.

The horse is dead, I will stop now

Vermillion said...

What the hell are you talking about? Due Process cases? And what does "many many 15th" mean? I simply asked for an example of someone saying something racist about Republican minorities. Anything. But you still couldn't manage it.

And what broad generalizations? I pointed out the flaws in your "these guys were Republicans, so they can't possibly be all that bad now" line of thinking. If anything, I highlighted why broad generalizations when it comes to the parties don't work.

If anything, you are the one pigeonholing, by assuming that my comments have anything to do with someone else's, when the only thing in common is that we apparently don't agree with you.

Dude, you were full of crap, and you got caught. And now you want to run away instead of facing it. Fine, do so. But make no mistake: the only thing you have done is damage your own point by making unfounded accusations that you refuse to acknowledge.

Next time, bring some better rhetoric if you want anyone to take you seriously.