Thursday, June 18, 2009

The More Things Change...

You know how sometimes a song you never really liked much to begin with will get played to death all over the place so that you really begin to hate it?

Then a little bit of time goes by during which you mercifully don't hear that particular song and you're able to kind of put it out of your mind.

But then it comes on again suddenly and you think to yourself, "Ya know, maybe it'll be a little less irritating and thoroughly worthless this time around since I haven't been pummeled with its nails-on-a-chalkboard sound in a while. Maybe I just need to hear it with 'new ears' and give it another chance."

Uh-huh. And what's your usual reaction about ten seconds into it?

The Washington Times: Bush Takes Swipe at Obama Policies, Says Private Sector will Save Economy and Terrorists want to Kill Americans/6.18.09

Right about now is a good time to mention that Bush's approval rating upon leaving office was 22%. President Obama's is 63% at the moment.

Oh, and this is my favorite quote from the above column -- the one that proves that even after all this time, Bush hasn't mastered that pesky English language thing:

"I'll just tell you that there are people at Gitmo that will kill American people at a drop of a hat and I don't believe that persuasion isn't going to work. Therapy isn't going to cause terrorists to change their mind."

You gotta give him credit. Bush knows his audience and he knows they want him to break out all the old hits -- including at least one sentence filled to the brim with glaring grammatical "Bushisms." Think how disappointed we'd all be if he hadn't flubbed something? It'd be like going to see the Stones and them not doing Satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Interview with Paul Samuelson This comment is a small part of some comments on Greenspan. The interview in general is good. It's probably appropriate for this post.

"However, unlike someone like Milton, Greenspan was quite streetwise. But he was overconfident that he could handle anything that arose. I can remember when some of us -- and I remember there were a lot of us in the late 90s -- said you should do something about the stock bubble. And he kind of said, 'look, reasonable men are putting their
money into these things -- who are we to second guess them?' Well, reasonable men are not reasonable when you're in the bubbles which have characterized capitalism since the beginning of time."

gina said...

Isn't there a broom closet he can wander into and get lost in for a while?

Jen said...

i had the same exact thought when i saw sen. john mccain commenting on iran. this guy again?? nope, still hate him just as much.

Anonymous said...

Dear President Bush:


Thanks for looking into this option for your future contributions to the country you ruined!


oskar said...

Gina asked "Isn't there a broom closet he can wander into and get lost in for a while?"

I'd suggest W. go play in traffic instead.

Mack said...

I'm concerned about the huge rise in inflation that is going to occur. You can't fucking print money that doesn't exist and call it a day. Also, all the money going to the states and to nonprofits...what happens when that money isn't there anymore? They're going to have to figure out how to fix things by themselves and raise money by themselves. I'm hoping this money isn't just a band-aid, cause it's one hell of an expensive band-aid.

The foundation I work for just gave out $1 million over a two year period in operating grants to health and human services organizations in our area. The main concern for us was what happens after year 2 and these orgs still can't raise the money to keep their doors open? Hopefully the economy will get back on track and it appears that may be happening, but when the inflation comes, and it's going to, how are we going to deal with that?

I think that sweeping reform is what needed to happen, but pouring money into the economy that doesn't exist is fucking scary.

Jeremy said...

Agreed, inflation is going to occur, and its scary. But scarier than streets full of angry, confused, unemployed folks with no idea what is going on, just that they are angry and hungry? Or folks trying to get arrested to get a meal? (Like we are seeing in Taiwan?)

Sure its an expensive band-aid, but where was all the outrage about how the government was "spending our money" when the Bush administration was throwing away the first budget surplus in over 20 years on a war based on lies?

Why wasn't the idea Bush spouted on Wednesday, that people know better how to spend their money than the government does, not a good idea then?

Oh right... because THEN it was a rich white guy, pandering to his other rich white guy buddies that he could give kickbacks in the form of military contracts to, acting as "the decider."

I understand the concern over inflation, but despite what the majority of commentors over at the Washington Times seem to think, the unfettered, unregulated private sector got us into this mess, and I don't trust them to get us out of it.

Like some other folks who voted for him, I'm not happy that Obama hasn't kept all of his promises yet either. BUT I remember that GW had 8 whole years to help dig this hole we're in. It isn't something that team Obama is going to be able to fix overnight. Or without making some tough decisions.

C Riedel-de Haen said...


Thank you for saying (almost) exactly what I think.

I could not agree more!

Bill White said...

Good job, GW.While this so-called leade swats flies, jihadists are training to kill unarmed secular progressives.
Polls don't mean a dang thing. History will prove GWB made the right decisions. This newly installed US dictator wants to choose your doctor, schools, homes and CD collections. C'mon, look at that One World symbol! It says, "I want to own you, my subjects!" Comrade Hussein Obama will have us speaking Arabic in no time! This is a plot, you McFlys! Get ready, they're coming for your guns and religion!

Mack said...

Jeremy, I'm not outraged at Obama. I know he has tough decisions to make. Half of my post disappeared because I am a half witt who cannot spell to save her life and I cut and paste all of my postings from here to word to make sure I don't look stupid.

I agree with you 100% by the way. I'm just voicing some concern I have over the interwebs. The US is in this place where we don't know what's going to happen in the future and we just have to go with it for now.

Anonymous said...

WingNUT thy name is Bill White. Hallowed be thy WingNUT name.