Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quote of the Week

"When they see the American government caught up in arguments about interrogations. The terrorists see just what they were hoping for -- our unity gone, our resolve shaken, our leaders distracted. In short, they see weakness and opportunity."

-- Dick Cheney, as usual partying like it's 2004 (and as if anyone gives a rat's ass what he thinks anymore), in his "rebuttal" speech to President Obama's address at the National Archives yesterday

To read the rest of Cheney's impotent, Captain Queegian ramblings -- and you really have to see this shit to believe it -- click here.

Keep at it, Dick. You're doing the Democratic strategists' jobs for them.

Just remember: 13% approval rating.


VOTAR said...

Wait, wait, wait.

I thought that openly mocking the sitting administration and its policies, not giving the commander in chief your full-throated and unwaivering support, gives aide and comfort to the enemy.

I thought that was treason.

I think I heard that somewhere.

Fred said...

Cheney should be waterboarded with used deep fryer oil. Preferably while still hot.

Anonymous said...

Reportedly up to 37% Yikes!

B8ovin said...

Wow, Fred. I'm sure you aren't really advocating for torture, but you sound as if you are. I prefer logical sound rebuttal. It drives the wingnuts crazy.

As for the up to 37%: I don't know about terrorists, but I can see that Cheney's round of historical revisionism on the news talk shows has provided him with what he wants. His divisive, non-factual regurgitation of Bush administration talking points are rewriting the legacy among the people he cares about.

Brandon said...

Typical Republican line "If you don't agree with us, you're helping [insert bogeyman here]."

It's bullshit for one, very obvious, reason. If public debate is giving aid to our enemies and gives them the impression that they can attack us now, and Cheney actually gave a damn about the public, then he would shut the hell up and stop arguing with the government. Unity restored. Except that to some people, unity only exists when people agree with them.

spazmodeas said...

Dick shakes his fist, "You damn Democrats get off my lawn!"

Deacon Blue said...

Isn't public debate, free speech and ability to disagree with your fellows and all that supposed to be the shit we are claiming to be so wonderful over here when we're foisting our brand of democracy on other nations?

Fred said...


I'll leave that to you to figure out. I'm sure whatever conclusion you come to you'll be right.

Bill White said...

To me, Vice President Cheney's speech yesterday should be tacked onto the end of the Bible. I'm sorry, but his anti-terror philosophy is forward-thinking. Saying in your words that it's, "partying like 2004" is flat-out wrong. Installed-president Huseein Obama is taking the country out to a big beach party. To Lil Hussein, it's all about taking his own shirt off to display that perfectly chisled body and playing a game of volleyball. While all of this is going on, the Jihadists are planning to invade the world. How dare he even think of closing Gitmo! Like the honorable Mr. Romney said in the debates last year: "I want to expand Gitmo!" Yes! Expand Gitmo! It's cheaper! Now, Lil Hussein is going to fly these dirty rotten terrorists to God's Country?! What?! What's the cost of this? Not only is he a tax and spend far, far left liberal who wrecked our economy, he's insane. Someone tell me if any of this makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

The 37% (or is it 39%) approval rating this morning is interesting. Say what you will about Cheney (and I've said most of it over the past 30 years), he is as tough as they come - in resolve, discipline and polemics and disputation.

Likely the 37% is reflecting an admiration of those qualities, as much as approval of his analysis.

Anonymous said...

Bill White...please remember to wear your tin foil hat to keep out Obama's mind-control beams.

spazmodeas said...

"[Cheney] is as tough as they come - in resolve, discipline and polemics and disputation."

And if he wasn't delusional, that might mean something.