Friday, May 22, 2009

Listening Post

Santogold is the epitome of cool.

Influenced by a perfectly even blend of punk, 80s new wave, hip hop and reggae, she's been a producer and writer -- specifically working on one of my favorite unsung records of the last decade, the debut album from Res -- and the brains and voice behind her own debut album, which could very well have been the best thing released last year.

She's the true definition of an artist, always pushing boundaries and regularly working with some of the most talented and divergent people in modern music -- from Mark Ronson, to the Beastie Boys, to Lily Allen, to David Byrne.

From her eponymous first record, here's Santogold, with the best song you'll hear all day -- Lights Out.

And as a bonus, here she is with Julian Casablancas of the Strokes and Pharrell, doing My Drive Thru.

(And yes, I realize she's officially changed the spelling of her stage name to Santigold. Give me a little time to let it sink in, please.)


drater said...

Nice. Felt like it was 1982 and I'm driving my Mustang down Sunset to Tower Records. And I thought they didn't make 'em like that any more. I mean the music, I don't actually miss the Mustang much.

rwiawa said...

As much as I enjoy that album - and the Holy Mountain rip-off video - it is just straight up 80s sounds. More derivative than inventive.

But, better to the good at the former, than suck at the latter, non?

Amandarin said...

She is awesome.

Her stage name is officially Santigold now. Something involving a lawsuit with an infomercial jeweller.

Lisa said...

I think she's simply brilliant. Her voice and the style in which she sings set her apart from anyone else out there today.

PixTweak said...

She's awesome! The entire album is great! She's the best thing in that Pharrell/Julian Casablancas song.